Friday, August 29, 2008

mish: mango, raspberry, and kiwi

{ bella figura 'please be my bridesmaid' card by pepperinapress }

ok, first, i know i'm not supposed to torment those who have already made all their decisions just days before their weddings with new things. i know. but i feel bad to just skip over mishmash29 here, who is getting married in a couple of weeks, so here goes.
Blogger mishmash29 said...

Our wedding is on 9/14/08 and our colors are "mango, raspberry, & green." In keeping with the fruit theme, I like to say "mango, raspberry & kiwi".

delicious. happy long weekend to my friends here in the states, and congratulations mish!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

contest news and other tidbits

hello all! am back, sorry. work is kicking me lucky charms this week. that makes no sense, mainly because i'm at work still, haven't eaten, and am all kicked charm-wise. the magazine has opened a can of whup-ass that will not be closed. but enough of my excuses!

first, mari of bel canto (featured just last week) wrote to tell me is having a contest giving away a $75 gift certificate to her amazing shop, but you must act before 8pm PST *today* (that's midnight 11pm eastern time, for the math challenged like myself. i had to count on my fingers, as always.) yes, in less than 4 hours. sorry for the short notice! contest is easy -- just pick which piece you like best!

second, in blatant and hopefully forgiveable self-promotion, i was so surprised to get an email about blog features and it was actually a feature on my own sadly neglected-while-i-blog little etsy shop! thank you so much to lynn at the handcrafted wedding, who picked one small star as her daily feature back on the 21st. i can't tell you how encouraging that is, given my struggles to keep up with things recently. the handcrafted wedding has been a sidelink on here since almost the beginning -- a great resource, please check it out!

there was definitely something else i was supposed to tell you today, and i can't think of what it is, and i don't want to waste any more of your precious bel canto contest-winning time. more soon!

Monday, August 25, 2008

colleenbaran: unique silver goods

{ the love inside no. 5 ring, made to order }

canadian multidisciplinary artist colleen baran makes clever silver things. see the ring above, which has space in it for a piece of mylar that you can write little sweet stories on. or the ring below that you can write love notes and coil them up in. she "often uses language and stories as an element and loves pieces that can be customised or adjusted by the wearer...."

these would make unusual bridal jewelry (felt on sterling?), or gifts for your bridal party. pretty, simple, and unusual.

Floating Saucer Ring 1- Made to OrderBubble Lace Pendant 4 - ( 2.8 cm x 2.6 cm)- Ready to Ship
Small Felt Series Earrings in a Deep Turquoise- Made to OrderThe Love Inside No 1- Made to order in your size
Framework Series Ring Number 23- Made to order in your sizeAmoeba Studs- Made to Order
Bubble Series Hoop Earrings - Made To OrderFelt Series Ring, Larger Dome in Grass Green, Size 5 and a half- Ready to Ship
Felt Series Ring 1Framework Series Earrings- Made to order
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Friday, August 22, 2008

boringsidney: fabulous, fabulous hats

{ jolee }

i open etsy, and what do i see right on the front page but this gorgeous, gorgeous over-the-top magnificent thing. i *love* it.

belle of seattle-based boringsidney apprenticed under a master milliner in the theater and hand blocks and hand sews her hats using vintage equipment. read her profile for more delicious backstory, and see her shop for amazing, delightful hats.

[i can't believe someone can *make* these by hand. i love etsy!]

Dorothy ParkerPaulette
Ping and JingPretty as a Peacock
Simply SmashingDeliciously Deco
Rosalind RussellDorcas Wensell the Second
more at


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