Tuesday, June 30, 2009

wedding party: men's gifts under $20

Walnut and Maple Money Clip
{ walnut and maple money clip by holcombswoodworking }

D. writes me with a challenge:
I am not having a bridal party, but I have a friend officiating, another as a musician, another as DJ, and readers... oh my. I want to give them something as a token of my appreciation, but they're mostly guys (so jewelry is hard, unless I have something different for the girls), and the biggest problem is we're pretty strapped for cash. The wedding is this August, so we don't have much time to save for gifts, either...

I'm hoping to spend 10-15 tops per person; something handmade (of course); something unique. Cufflinks are out (these guys aren't the kind of guys who wear cufflinks)... I'm totally at a loss.

can you find unique handmade gifts for random wedding helpers for under $15 each?
yes! yes. some of these are traditional, some unique, some just plain random (firestarter!)... you said no cufflinks, so i included the pair below if useful for other folks searching for similar. will post a separate post for ladygifts.

for your friends, readers, bartenders, photographers, djs, all under $15:

Bocote Wood Cufflinks CUSTOM Leather Keychain - Fobs - text on one side
Mans jewellery tray, wood, vintage Natural Mens Shaving Set w/ Brush in Smoky Vetiver (FATHERS DAY PRICE REDUCTION)
Bauer FireStarters - Set of 3 Camera Strap Slip Cover SALE
Vintage Bar Tools--Stainless Steel and Wood--Made in Japan--Set of Six Useful  Bar Tools for Cocktail Hour Two United Keyring
Turntable Record Player Retro Pop Art DJ Gift Black Metal Cigarette of ID card or Wallet or Ipod Nano and Earbuds Holder Case turntable amazing life organizer - small pocket moleskine cahier - green
Say Cheese Mens T-Shirt - Size XL personalized monogram bookmark -- brass letters
envelope wallet - business card holder Vintage Ronson Fish Starfire Varaflame Lighter
{each photo links to its shop}

also for readers/writers, there is a world of printed/gocco'd moleskine notebooks, many customizable and under $10.

and a few more ideas, for $15-$20:

SuperCurvy Churchkey - Hand forged bottle opener Buffalo Nickel Cufflinks-FREE GIFT BAG- Retro Man Guys Dad Fun Gift 80's Dork Boy Groom Groomsmen Fathers day
Stamped Copper Guitar Pick - or Unstamped Too - Just Say the Word Japanese Koi Yellow Fish Illustration Print Navy Messenger / Field Bag
Leather Journal Reporter Style 1920s Torpedo Etched Antique Aluminum Cigar Case
{each photo links to its shop}

or you could always get handmade frames and put photos in as your token of appreciation:

AUTUMN Fabric Photo Frame Samuel Fabric Picture Frame
Reclaimed handmade photo frame 1) 5x7  Colored Barnwood Style Picture Photo Frame with Glass (...7 Colors To Choose From...)
Bicycle Beer Bottle Cap Picture Frame 3.25 x 3.25,  2 blocks for your own art
{each photo links to its shop}

what do you think? other ideas? post links?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

men's handmade + vintage wedding hats

Grey Feather Mens Fedora 6 and 7 8s with a red feather
Vintage Mens Tweed Fedora Vintage 1950's Men's Hat
VINTAGE Men's Fedora Sky Chief
Alden Men's Straw Hat
Vintage Straw Boater Hat Ribbon and Feather 7 Vintage Fedora, for You (or the Stylish and Manly Man in Your Life)
{each photo links to its shop}

rachael and her fiancé were having trouble finding a men's summer hat that didn't break the bank. she loved the ones at magar hatworks (see men's collection) and asked me to see if i could find more options.

etsy has lots of men's vintage hats, if you can luck into the right size -- not so many on the handmade side, plus you have to wade through acres of knit. chachashouse and magar are the best so far, with a couple off-etsy handmade options below. (anyone have other suggestions for great handmade hats?)

barbara feinman millinery
worth & worth hats

Friday, June 26, 2009

pommesfrites: upcycled flask safes

pommesfrites hollow dictionary flask safe
{ hollow dictionary flask safe }

the very talented kristen of pommesfrites not only gives me the opportunity to tell everyone (again) how fantastic austin texas is and how not coincidentally i'm from there (and claim it even though i moved when i was 13....) ...

let me start over. the incredibly talented austin-based pommesfrites upcycles wonderful unloved books into even more wonderful best man/groomsman/bridal party gifts. these remind me of the speakeasy trend of late -- bring a little prohibition to your library.

for your teetotalers, she makes book safes, money safes, and all manner of non-alcoholic alternatives.

kristen has graciously offered readers a *20% discount* on book flask safes -- just mention etsy wedding in your note to seller and she will take care of the rest.

etsy wedding would also like to take a moment to remind everyone to drink responsibly and with others. share. be safe with your flask safe. xo.

dictionary illustration pin pack ''EAST TEXAS''hollow book double flask safe set ''HISTORY OF ENGLAND''
DANIELLE STEEL JEWELS hollow book safeCLASSIC RED plaid magnet set
P ENCYCLOPEDIA hollow book safehollow book flask safe ''WHY SURVIVE''
hollow book flask safe ''SHERLOCK HOLMES''FG ENCYCLOPEDIA money safe
more at pommesfrites.etsy.com


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