Tuesday, January 18, 2011

littlewhitedresser: floral and beaded wedding sashes and headbands

{ littlewhitedresser's photo shoot }

color me charmed by tel aviv-based avishag of littlewhitedresser, woman of adventure and lovely creations, not least of which is the video above. flowers for your hair, beaded sashes, wedding jewels.

shipping is incredibly reasonable, and to kick off 2011 she's having a buy one get one sale. i like!

Buy 1 Get 1 SALE -English Rose belt or headband -  a Versatile Piece Buy 1 Get 1 SALE -Purple  touch - floral hair comb
Buy 1 Get 1 SALE -Silvery beaded pearls and crystals belt Buy 1 Get 1 SALE -Bridesmaid Hair Decor set of 3 flowers - choose your colors
Buy 1 Get 1 SALE -  440 Crystals sash Buy 1 Get 1 SALE- English Garden sash or headband - a Versatile Piece
more at littlewhitedresser.etsy.com

Monday, January 17, 2011

let freedom ring

Dream (No. 2) - 8x10 Photograph - Fine Art Lustre Print Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet
SALE I Have a Dream Painting PRINT- Lino Print, "I Have A Dream" 8X10

handmade wedding book giveaway by brooklyn bride

image via brooklyn bride

charming new book out, which i would totally covet except i'm not doing it again. where were you last year, adorable book?

brooklyn bride is giving away three copies -- enter by checking out her post, with bonus killer pegboard seating chart how-to instrux. or, if your DIY-itchy fingers can't wait, go on and get your own.

Monday, January 10, 2011

happy new year!

Vintage Atlas Thank You Envelope Seals kisforcalligraphy
{ vintage atlas "thank you" envelope seals by kisforcalligraphy }

a funny thing about thank-you notes: the longer you wait to write them, the more spectacularly moving and heartfelt you feel they should be. at least that's how i feel: since it it has taken me this long, it had *best* be a serious literary gratitudinal magnum opus. which... makes it take longer, you know?

the same could apply for blogging: the longer it takes one to post after a break, the more pressure there is to for god's sake make it a good comeback, at least.

so i've decided not to worry about it. am back from my annual holiday hiatus, extended by our honeymoon in november, and here i am again. whee!

a belated happy new year, friends -- am wishing you all love, health, peace, rest, sanity, laughter, and adventure for 2011. more to come!



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