Tuesday, February 9, 2010

from the inbox:

Astoria - Letterpress Wedding Invitation Sample Wren - Letterpress Wedding Invitation Sample
50 Monogram Circle Favor Tags Cosmopolitan - Wedding Invitation Sample
{ letterpress by maidavale }

more quick links, and my apologies to everyone who has been languishing in gmailimbo since forever. i'm catching up!
  • not handmade, but handy: OXO is turning 20 and giving away free gadgets -- more info at acloserlookatoxo.com
  • the etsy wedding team's "help haiti" event is coming to a close feb. 12 -- lovely items by team members, donated to a good cause. see etsywedteam.etsy.com (my favorites below)
HAITI RELIEF - 50 Petal Style Favor Tags with string HAITI RELIEF - CLAYCRAFT by DECO - Peach English Roses and Magnolia Blossoms in Square Glass Vase
HAITI RELIEF - Signs of spring - handwoven tea towel with robins egg blue and crocus orange accents HAITI RELIEF - Printable Sparkler Holders
more to come, now onto today's giveaway.

**update: due to some nasty midatlantic weather, smittenxoxo has closed shop until later in the week, so i'll start her giveaway friday if she's back up -- her stuff is too gorgeous not to feature fully.

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  1. Thanks so much for helping to promote the Help for Haiti shop (along with everything else)! =)


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