Wednesday, May 23, 2007


They Loved HAPPILY EVER AFTER - WoodBird Print
they loved HAPPILY EVER AFTER greeting card (also a woodblock print)

allison strine's work is filled with whimsy and joy -- so sweet.
she makes pendants, greeting cards, collages -- fun gifts, and a vibrant personality. in a set, the necklaces or magnets might be fun bridal party or shower favors, and many of these were made for moms. more at

License Plate Key Ring . . . License Plate Art . . . Choose any Letter . . .  an eco friendly, trashion inspired, recycled pendant for FUNWine Tops Her Food Pyramid - It is a Tipsy Art Magnet
Every Little Boy She LOVES Is Magic - It is a Precocious Art MagnetShe Doesnt Look Back - It is a Slow Moving ART MAGNET

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