Friday, September 7, 2007

boston two-fer: amyjjewelry and gartersbykristi

Boston T  Token Necklace
boston T token necklace*

BOSTON RED SOX Inspired Wedding Garter Set
boston red sox "keepsake and toss" wedding garter set

two guesses as to where i am this weekend -- my old stomping grounds! am in town for the boston "ahts" festival and posting from afah.

i've actually purchased a garter from gartersbykristi -- to be specific, a university of florida gator garter keepsake and toss, because *that's how much i love my sister.* while the USPS intervened and delayed them (i have had *terrrrrible* luck with our postal friends of late -- where's my new yorker subscription, yo?), when the garters did arrive they were impeccably made and quite lovely, as florida gator garters go.

quick story -- a friend from NY (rabid yankee fan) married a guy from boston, whose four brothers were his groomsmen. she was laid back and told them they could wear whatever they wanted. so they show up to her wedding in red sox ties. not only that, but there were two cakes at the wedding (to keep the peace??) -- one red sox, one yankees -- and when the red sox cake ran out before the groom's mother had a piece, she went without cake entirely rather than eat one with blue pinstripe frosting. ah, i love this town. guess once you've gone and gotten baseball cakes, figure people will wear their colors.

more at (made in boston!) and at -- go sox!

* i miss these -- the charlie card is dumb. wasn't charlie *trapped* on the T and could never leave?

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  1. Never tell a rabid baseball fan they can wear whatever they like to your wedding. Especially if they're going to be up the front.

    Rule #1.


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