Wednesday, May 7, 2008

sanchia playfair (sanchia845): handwoven cashmere

cashmere silk shawl
{ cashmere silk shawl }

hand-woven in pure bombyx silk and pure cashmere. plus it's hand-dyed in upstate NY, so you can request custom color combinations. not kidding! a luxe item, but around the same price (or less!) as machine-woven fancy-store kinds -- in fact, "bored with the uniformity and colors of industrially produced cashmere", FIT-educated sanchia playfair *apprenticed* (i love that word!) in chenille, designed her own dye process, and will hand-craft one to your heart's desire. check out her amazing hats and other wearables as well. yes, please!

cashmere silk shawlcashmere top
log cabin cashmere scarfcashmere check hat
cashmere jacketcashmere silk shawl
cashmere silk shawlblack and white houndstooth scarf
more at

{ 12.may.08 update: my ex (still friends!) insisted at the artwalk this weekend that i should have titled this post "yes, yes, shawl". it don't stop. }


  1. Gorgeous, oh!

    And I love that cropped jacket.

  2. I absolutely am in love with the idea of this as a gift for the bridal party. It would be such a beautiful and functional gift.


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