Tuesday, March 3, 2009

jennyleefowler: custom silhouette portraits

Leaf Silhouette Custom Portrait
{ custom maple leaf silhouette portrait }

how awesome is this? seriously. i saw jennyleefowler's custom birch silhouette in an etsy finds email and clicked on it out of idle curiosity (probably because i loved *this* profile portrait etsy find from turnyourhead so much) -- and these are just so, so delicate and beautiful.

before, i admit i thought silhouettes and portraiture of this kind a bit trendy, cloying, self-involved. maybe even precious. then i saw these little pieces of art -- materials are wonderful, but even more amazing is that she doesn't trace, photoshop, or use shadows -- this woman cuts these out freehand -- with, in her words, "observation and terribly sharp little scissors." brilliant.

and what does this have to do with weddings, you ask? could be a gift portrait for your friends, or the image scanned for a save the date. or... ideas?

Ya Habibi, My Darling Tomato, Silhouette PortraitCustom Silhouette Portrait Pair
Custom Couple Silhouette-- Valentine SaleLeaf Silhouette Custom Portrait
Wing SilhouetteCustom Birch Bark Silhouette Portrait
Grand Custom Silhouette PairCustom Red Silhouette Portrait
more at jennyleefowler.etsy.com and jennyleefowler.blogspot.com


  1. These are amazing! Especially like the ones made from leaves. So creative.

  2. These silhouettes are Fantastic !

    Gosh, now I will be looking at leaves in a whole new light. :)

  3. Love them,they are beautiful!


  4. I think those are so cute! How did they make the ones out of leaves???

  5. Thanks so much for posting my work. Silhouettes always struck me as a bit stale until I started seeing them as real people in a moment in time. And I like people very much, and time is a bit precious after all. :)

  6. These are so intense! At first I though I was just looking at a leaf. Then I looked closer and I saw a persons profile! Neat!

  7. wow they are amazing!! wow..triple wow :-D


  8. LOVE these! What a great way to use leaves in such a unique way!

  9. ah i love these! thank you for posting.

  10. you are awesome and i adore your finds!!

  11. wow that is pretty darn amazing.

  12. Incredible! They are the perfect bouttoniere for a fall wedding.

  13. Oh wow, I LOVE the ones made from leaves! My mom has some on the black tissue paper from my brother and I were little. I've been thinking about getting a new one done of each of us so I've been looking at them a lot on Etsy, but somehow I missed these!


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