Thursday, March 12, 2009

quick news, friends, and links

ok! it has been a while. forgive my lackluster blogging, have been beset this week by the economic doldrums. that and watchmen. took me a while to shake that off. we must move forward with our lives!

herewith, a quick few things that have come across the etsywedding transom:

first, i now twitter! or tweet. or something. am tweetarded.
to watch me fumble with social technology etiquette in real time, you can follow at

second, i'm not usually a wedding event-goer, since i'm, er... not planning a wedding, i just do this... for... fun? anyway! here's an event that might interest you NY brides, and i mention because i *heart* New York magazine (and all magazines. in this economy, in my line of work, i'm rooting for everyone.)

enough with the self-interrupting. the magazine is hosting an NYC bridal event april 1, to dovetail with their summer 2009 weddings issue (on newsstands march 24). event info is here:

am working on a couple of potential features for the great etsy herself (hooray!) and will let you know if i manage to actually finish one and get it posted.

am *also* working on putting together a giveaway or two. giveaways make people happy! if you would like your work or etsy store to be considered, pop me a suggestion at etsywedding (at) gmail.

speaking of giveaway, etsywedding reader tart deco is making one lucky offbeat bride a custom petit veil -- see her non-traditional headgear and info on how to enter at

finally, have been corresponding with other blogs and would like your feedback -- my plan is to have some guest posts from other favorite bloggers with *their* etsy picks (my first victim guest will [hopefully!] be meg of, who is btw just as awesome as you'd expect from her blog). who else would you like to see put together a sampler, and i will see if i can stalk them into submission?


  1. I'll guest blog for ya! My etsy "favorites" section is currently 6 pages long! and its everything from furniture to fascinators. =) Glad you're back!

  2. All sounds great! I'm so happy you are back in the blogging saddle, so to speak, you're the only wedding blog I read now that my wedding is over because I love the etsy inspiration- I often find myself clicking, and buying, your suggestions!

  3. Ummm...I'm pretty sure that every other blog post of mine starts with "So I found this on Etsy..." :) I'm having such an Etsy wedding! Would love to guest blog if you'd have me.

  4. Have the gals from Heart of Light and unruly-things blogs.

  5. have eastsidebride!

  6. Wedding Skulls!

  7. Hey! I just saw this! I'm a victim :)
    Email me, I'll need lead time, but of course I'm in.

  8. Yeessssss....
    East Side. She's also as awesome as she seems if not awesome-r.


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