Friday, June 19, 2009

geezees custom canvas giveaway

thanks again to everyone who voted!

emie, if you're willing to share a photo of the final canvas once it's all set, we'd love to see it :)

also if erica is willing, we'd love to see your canvas as well.

N and dairy princess, will send you a pair of onesmallstar earrings as my thanks -- if you like one you see let me know, etsywedding (at) gmail, or i will happily make you a custom pair.

finally, thanks from all of us to stephanie of geezees for suggesting this giveaway and donating her time and talents! she is truly wonderful to work with -- and


  1. I second that. :)
    Thank you both very much.
    I would absolutely love to share the finished product with you and your wonderful readers.
    Happy weekend!

  2. Congrats Emie! Yours was my favorite. :) Can't wait to see the finished product!

    And oh my goodness, onesmallstar earrings? How great, thank you! :)

  3. Congrats Emie...I look forward to working with you! It was such a cute concept...

    Email me at when you are ready to begin!
    Thanks again evryone for a great contest--it was a blast to read all your wonderful ideas and comments!

  4. Thank you so, so much again! :)
    I told Stephanie that I would be more than happy to share the final product with everyone!


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