Tuesday, January 8, 2008

edanae: wedding calligraphy

hand addressing for wedding invitations

hand-addressing my sister's 135+ invitations (the "+" being the insufferable eff-ups) (helloooo, original bridesmaidzilla speaking) taught me several important lessons:

1. i will never *ever* forget her current address. one day, when i'm 83-1/2 and she's 80, i will be able to tell her the zip code of the house she got married in. lesson: next time, miss DIY -- yours truly -- will have the return address pre-printed (in the right font, of course!) on the envelope.

2. save your sanity: ORDER EXTRA ENVELOPES. like, yes, 25 extra. of each.

3. alleve: good for hand cramps as well as that other kind.

my handwriting is fine and all, some might even say unique. but after envelope number, oh, 6 or 7, things go downhill quickly. which is why the above to me is nothing short of a miracle. the typography! the leading! even the zip code numbers are pretty. this ain't easy.

if you find the font too swirly, check out the other ones -- hard to believe one person could master this many different scripts. i am in total awe.

yes, i know it's a bit over the top. to me, hand-addressing the envelopes isn't necessary, but i think it stands out in a digital age. and while the service is expensive and not for everyone, i can tell you 135+ times over that it is painstaking work and (in hindsight!) might have totally been worth the hours it took me to do a way-shoddier job. the etsy price is a whole 50 cents less *per envelope* from her regular website... plus it's a bit of a dying art, which e.danae rocks.

[one caveat, for people (like me) who are troubled by the existence of typos in the world, and more so by their existence on one's calligrapher's website: i debated this post but was won over first by the fact that a calligrapher is copying from a list you provide exactly, so presumably any typos would be your own, and secondly by the real beauty of her art. she is the best i've seen so far -- feel free to post other suggestions!]

she also does place cards and seating scrolls. more at edanae.etsy.com

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  1. Such an excellent idea.

    I got soooo bored addressing my wedding invitations – and we didn't even invite that many people!


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