Monday, January 7, 2008

lorena barrezueta: fine porcelain

"dine" plates in turquoise, green, or chartreuse

yes, she's been featured lots of places, but i didn't know that when i saw her work at renegade brooklyn last year and it was just *so* cool. and here, for your etsy pleasure, is lorena barrezueta's "samples, seconds, and surprises" shop, with some of her irregular and test-glazed pieces at (one would suppose) a friendlier rate than the extensive collection at her website (worth checking out for the sheer range of cheeky dish!).

let's backtrack: lorena barrezueta is a parsons-educated designer who in her own words "reintroduces the ubiquitous food container in fine porcelain as a way of addressing our perceptions of quality, value, and high-end design." pie tins, leftover containers, throwaways reconstituted as fine china -- and in irresistible colors, natch. they may not be to everyone's taste, but there is something so tactile and fascinating about each piece -- spent far too much time debating which dish to get (and *not* getting one)... le sigh.

but *you*, fair maidens, can register for a set. or get your friends something nice for the new loft.

NibbleSquare Meal

more at


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  2. Her work has been on my list of favourites for oh-so-long and I'm so happy to see her here! I just want to stare at everything :)

  3. Love these! The colors are perfect, and the design looks so hand made :) I'm going to need to stock up on these as gifts!


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