Monday, April 7, 2008

butterflieskiss: custom illustration

{ red roses bouquet }

la la! received a charming note from donna of butterflieskiss -- an FIT- and parsons-trained designer/illustrator, she creates custom illustrations of individual brides and lavish art-nouveau-meets-burlesque bachelorette cards and invites. you can get sets of cards and invitations made from your custom illustration, or commission and purchase a large (up to 12"x16") giclee print, would make an awesome shower gift or a sweet gift for a mom. (mother's day is just around the corner...)

her shop is also one of the *very* few places on etsy to feature asian and african american brides, as well as lovely images of gay and lesbian couples. she wrote that she is expanding her line to include global wedding traditions as well as offbeat and non-traditional weddings* -- the textures and patterns of her 'world' illustrations are exquisite. see a lovely interview with donna on bridalcheek for more on her ideas.

etsy is amazing for just this reason -- no matter what kind of wedding, traditional to avant garde -- the ability to work directly with super-talented artists and crafters and create something completely original that expresses who *you* are. bravo!

Princess Bridegroom and groom
FlamencaModern Girl Pin-Up
Bride and BrideChina Bride
Goth BrideBurlesque Beauties Card Set
more at

* while i'm on the offbeat subject, i have been working on a little something for the very fabulous and (if ariel doesn't kill me because it's taking so long) i should have more news soon!

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