Sunday, April 13, 2008

hollystalder: hand-sewn confections

La Sylphide - little cream capelet with bow
{ la sylphide -- little cream capelet with bow }

insouciant, frothy, feminine -- portland's holly stalder whips up delicious stitched goods as well as a fascinating-sounding venture called seaplane -- gorgeous. yes please? makes me imagine if i went to portland, i'd find the loves of my life: music, art, a fat heaven of indie craft, a big warehouse to live in, some lovely artsy souls to pal around with, and a *killer* dress to roam in. ah, pdx: can't wait to meet you.

Swiss Dot Puffy Sleeve Shirtfairest of them all - silk taffeta wedding dress
Embroidered Eyelet Puffy Sleeve DressWisp - Sheer Blue Paisley Dress with Navy grosgrain ribbon detail
Pale - gold tunic dress with silk ribbon detailHolly Stalder grey formal shift dress with lace, pearl, and bow inset
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1 comment:

  1. I bought the paisley dress a few weeks ago and have been waiting anxiously for the mailman to bring it to me....

    Oh, please come soon paisley dress!!


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