Wednesday, April 16, 2008

yay guest blog!

woo hoo! has been a crazy week. at work we're shipping the june issue of the magazine i work for, i barely managed to get my application in to crafty bastards, let's not even talk about taxes, and then i get home and see the upside:, one of my favoritest sites, has posted my guest post! check out my little feature about bridal party gift ideas that don't suck (at least i don't think they do, if you'd like to, er, test any of them, my shipping address is...)

you'll see i didn't stray far from my etsy addiction focus, so please feel free to add any good ideas (etsy or otherwise) you have to the comments there.

thanks so much to ariel for her *fabulous* blog, and thanks so much to all of you for reading!

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