Wednesday, July 16, 2008

greek to me: just for fun

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friends, i could tell you why i have to run quickly, but it's a long story involving an adorable man. (!) in the meantime, an incredibly short story: tonight i met up with a professor of mine from grad school who i ran into randomly saturday after 7 years, an amazing greek-australian woman, and her partner, who, as it turns out, is one of greece's great contemporary poets. you can't make it up, i swear. we all had the most amazing hours of conversation -- she is one of my heroes. hooray for chance meetings!

so: gorgeous greek-inspired things, to denote that i'm going to visit them there next year. after 5 hours and 3 bottles of wine, all is arranged. perfect! call them gifts, or just enjoy.


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  1. Smart post admin but i think you need more explanation and more Pics
    and I hope to visit my blog and subscribe to me :)
    Ancient Greece Timeline and Ancient Greece Government


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