Tuesday, July 22, 2008

redrubyrose: in your clutches

{ blue fern silk-lined clutch }

ohhh. i saw one of redrubyrose's gorgeous bags on the front page of etsy yesterday, and vowed to check in on her shop... so, *so* pretty. rowena carefully gift-wraps and ships each clutch in a handmade box from bristol, UK (only $6.50 to ship to the u.s.!), and she can add a personal message for you to the gift tag... for you early holiday shoppers, mine can read... no, just kidding. not really.

i *heart* these. the shop announcement says she loves custom orders: you could check in and see if she could make multiples for you...

Silk starburst luxury clutch bagBird on a branch - silk lined clutch bag
Peony silk-lined clutch bagArts and Crafts silk-lined clutch bag
Starburst petals silk-lined clutch bagHouse plans silk-lined clutch bag
Poppy central silk-lined clutch bagTree rings - silk-lined clutch bag
more at redrubyrose.etsy.com


  1. Gorgeous! Been looking for small bags to throw into my big ones (and still find lip gloss, tampons, etc) - may have to order one of these...

  2. I love these. Stunning.

  3. These clutched are so fabulous! Love your blog and the whole idea of featuring all of the wonderful things found on etsy.

  4. oh my, these are divine!!

  5. i really like the blue fern silk-lined clutch..very nice


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