Sunday, January 31, 2010

snow day! winter wedding gear sampler

B. Poetic Silk Shoe Clips DEEP RED handwoven shawl / crochet point lace
Eskimo Kiss - As featured in Etsy email. Beautiful wrapped wool shawl. Pair of Mittens Winter Invitation
Vintage Shimmer Lace Collar WHITE  RIPPLE LEGWARMERS
Classic   Cream White Pure Cashmere Silk Satin Luxury Victorian Retro Long Coat  Free Shipping International Vintage sz 10 snow boots
feathery  flower brooch in cream vintage ARAN IRISH wool scarf cape coat
Antique White Armwarmer - Treasury Discount Burgundy cloche
Aimee - Soft White Hand Felted Ruffled Scarf CUSTOM bridesmaids gloves - one-of-a-kind Fancy Hands altered vintage gloves to complement your wedding
{each photo links to its shop}

it snowed all day yesterday here, fat wonderful soft snow. i love it.

happy sunday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

neither snow: limited edition valentines

146 - Blushing (Calligraphed valentine with vintage postage)
{ #146 blushing calligraphed valentine with vintage postage }

i love this idea -- 100 limited edition valentines, hand-calligraphed with a custom quote of your choosing, hand-addressed, and with suites of vintage postage, arranged around themes of color or subject.

my favorites are below. via 100 layer cake.

121 - Do It For The Kids (Calligraphed valentine with vintage postage) 160 - The Photographer (Calligraphed valentine with vintage postage)
39 - First Base (Calligraphed valentine with vintage postage) 138 - Shall I Compare There (Calligraphed valentine with vintage  postage)
142- On Air (Calligraphed valentine with vintage postage) 111 - From Texas With Love (Calligraphed valentine with vintage postage)
50 - Write Me Sweetheart (Calligraphed valentine with vintage postage) 48 - Together at Last (Calligraphed valentine with vintage postage)
145 - Intandem (Calligraphed valentine with vintage postage) 140 - Three Is a Magic Number (Calligraphed valentine with vintage postage)
for more see neither snow (

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

catching up with the inbox

Vintage Wood Mailbox vintagevertigo
{ vintage wood mailbox from vintagevertigo }

hello all -- here are some highlights to get us caught up from my hiatus:

  • digby & iona's stump ring, with custom initials carved inside a heart. bonus reason for posting: the elaborate stop-motion video. strange.

  • evapaul invitations offers a new mini-rsvp as an eco- and budget-friendly option.

  • check out bittersweets NY's unusual wedding and bridal party jewelry. the twig line is more delicate/traditional... and then there's earthworms and vampire bites, and they're all still pretty.

  • quirky yet compelling bridesmaid dresses at quail. site is fresh, skirts are teeny, but you can have them custom-made. go michelle.

  • has a line of leather and suede clutches, great for winter weddings.

more as i get through the backlog -- thank you all for your patience!

etsy quick looks: floral bridal sashes

Black Dress Sash weegardens - Rhinestone, Feathers, Beads AGNES - bridal, double blooms, rhinestones, sash - Ready to ship
Bridal sash, handmade delicate flower belt in innocent ivory and Tiffany blue.  Perfect for your wedding or as a daily delight. CHICAGO series - no. 33 - handmade ivory bridal fascinator - brooch - dress adornment - with feathers, organza, tulle, silk flower, pearls and rhinestones
Fancy Lady Single Bloom Sash, in the Color of Your Choice Wedded Bliss bridal skinny sash belt
Modern Golden Formal Sash Bridal belt, dress flowers, necklace, strap embellishment, hair piece
silvery crown/sash - a Versatile Piece Jane Series - Purple Bloom Wedding Sash/Belt with Pearls
{ each photo links to its store }

Monday, January 25, 2010

wedding giveaway! microsoft office 2008 for the mac

I'm Yours by - 8 x 10 Archival Giclee Print
{ i'm yours archival giclee print by lovesugar }

yes, it's true! i'm getting married. if that don't beat all, as grandpa would say.

i promised a big giveaway today and am sorry if that implied i was going to reveal the story of my incredibly organized dream wedding, inspiration board, and plans, vendor by vendor. because... {nervous laugh}... that would imply i had some idea what i was doing. ha! hoo no. i mean a good old-fashioned giveaway: free stuff for you!

i've been holding onto this one from last year: i *finally* got my new mac, and finally tested this stuff out, and i can officially vouch that you *can* use microsoft office 2008 to make all kinds of DIY wedding goodies like save-the-dates and budgets and table cards and invites. not that mine are done. hoo no. but it's *possible.*

to celebrate, i'm giving it away!

to enter to win your very own copy of Office 2008 Home+Student Edition for the mac, along with some handy tips and how-tos on putting together DIY wedding essentials:
  1. comment with 3 great tips*, links, or resources for someone (like me) just engaged who (theoretically of course!) has no idea where to start.
  2. all creative entries* will be entered in a random drawing.
  3. bonus points for those who would actually *use* the software to DIY their wedding -- pls. include your wedding date.
  4. deadline: february 2.
please see the mac system requirements before entering. OSX v.10.4.9 or later.
and thank you, thank you for reading and for all your good wishes!

*if you've got more than 3 tips or links, bring it on, but please don't just put 1.) the knot 2.) martha 3.) your mom. that much has become clear.

Friday, January 22, 2010

happy new year + happy news!

thanks for your patience -- i'm back from holiday, and 2010 is going to be a *big* year.


stay tuned: big giveaway starts monday. serious.


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