Thursday, May 28, 2009

tying the knot sampler

ShinyAdornments In Knots - Handmade Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings Knotted Pouch in Tangerine Tile
smackofjellyfish Congratulations on tying the knot greeting card plumflowercreations Tie the Knot Necklace
ElectricLollipop Hand Knotted Turquoise Necklace hierapparel Echo Polyp Clutch
catherineotto Framed French Knot Fern Picture harborsidetreasures Aged Love Knots or Knotted Line
Large Spheres KNOTS collier Necklace, 925 Silver leemeszaros Merit Badge for 'tying the knot'
{each photo links to its shop}

tie the knot, an old phrase. my dear friend from college is visiting this week, so forgive the post delay. he is the most marvelous lovely man, has been in a loving and committed relationship for many years, and one day i hope to be there when he ties the knot as well.

Friday, May 22, 2009

happy second anniversary, etsy wedding!

Happy Anniversary
{ happy anniversary card by jeanfrancisbean }

crazy. two years!

this year i found love, moved in, faced surgery, lemonade and loss, and my sister made this amazing little thing i seriously can't get enough of. my life is radically different from this time last year, in ways large and small, and i'm so thankful to you all for coming along on the way -- i am full of hope for the summer and year to come.

if you like a little more misty nostalgia, here's my first anniversary and the beginning of it all. if i'd only known what i was getting myself into.

I'm So Glad I Found You... Instead of Jesus. Custom Lover's Portrait on Handwriting (DEPOSIT) - designed from your photo
SO HAPPY TOGETHER Custom Color Papel Picado (Mexican cut-paper banners) Happy Birthday/Bun Anniversaire - (french inspired) Letterpress Greeting Card
Lunchbox Notes...mixed set of three You and I - Newport, RI
Congratulations Card - Holy Moley Together Letterpress Card

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

eight offbeat bridesmaid dresses and clutches

Georgia lemon and blue clutch Chameleon Gown- Full length- Rayon jersey- Made to order- Any Color
Plum Pleated Collar Dress Charcoal and Flowers
Olivia green clutch bag Sexy Lacy Summer Dress
Maxine's Midtown Clutch from The Leather Collection Raphaelite Circus Dress/Belt
Pink and Cream Pods Frame Clutch Wallet Bamboo and silk DRESS
Hemp Silk Bridesmaid Gown The Jacqueline Clutch in Teal and Gold
olive green bubble dress Bleu Bloom on Grey Skies
{each photo links to its shop}

was inspired last week by a couple of wedding-related etsy finds emails, including this etsy bridesmaid finds post from the storque with four different bridesmaid "looks"-- so here are a few ideas to add to the pool...

almost finished with the magazine, on press tomorrow, and then i'm singing (long story) at a fundraiser thurs. night... so thank you again for your patience. am trying to catch up with my backlog of email and posts, so if you've written in the past two weeks, hang tight!

Monday, May 18, 2009

let's win a camcorder, mmmkay?

Love Wins art charm
{ love wins art charm by jjbackman }

another 12+hour day at work (!) -- and just got one of those supposed-to-be-motivational, competition-inspiring emails from the folks over at the sandals dream honeymoon contest at

normally i am not a super-competitive type. if i were, i'd probably obsess more trying to read what the rest of the bridalogs are doing nine times a day to keep up. this week i can barely keep up with my own... (quality over quantity, right?)


we cracked the top 10! we're #7, actually, and have two (yes!) days more until the contest is over.
even though we started later than everyone else (my fault! bad blogger. sorry.)

so... suddenly i'm feeling competitive.

as i mentioned in my earlier post, not only do *you* get a chance to win a 3-day all inclusive honeymoon package -- staying in the top 10 gives *me* a chance to win a Flip Video MiniHD camcorder in a random drawing that, if i happen to win it, i will give directly to one of you. (to make it fair, you will have to have the confirmation email that you entered their contest to win). meta-contest. trippy.

enter here if you like, and please be sure to read the rules. contest ends wednesday.

more contests to come, and more posts!
now back to work...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

work work work

MacBook Bag - 13 Inch Silver Circle Earrings
HIS and HERS Lunch Bags - 10 Bags UPCYCLED Dark Brown VINTAGE Briefcase with a HANDPPAINTED White Leaf
Working girl. VIntage pearl elegant silver necklace. WEBB WILDER CREDO -ROCK HARD- HAND-PRINTED LETTERPRESS POSTER
Secretary Pencil Skirt Orange Metier Tote - Work Bag
MAGNET -- DOUGLAS ADAMS Quote -- I love deadlines I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by Whistle While You Work Necklace
{each photo links to its shop}

why, you ask, has the blogging been so haphazard?

i tell you, it's this day job thing. the magazine is shipping, and i have been here every night this week (including sunday!) until 11.

this reminds me of a greeting card i loved in college:
front: "Why I Work: An Essay"
open: I Like Food.
............The End..........
the end! more soon.

p.s. -- i know the top left macbook bag link doesn't work -- the seller took it down *right* after i posted, and i have to go back to work. will keep an eye out for it.


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