Thursday, May 31, 2007

cedarstreetboutique: handmade quilts

double wedding ring handmade patchwork quilt

who doesn't love the feel of a handmade quilt? it's the perfect summerweight cover. plus they carry so much of the character of the person who made them -- a quilt is something you save and pass on, something crafted to last, the antithesis of disposable fashion.

while this is a very traditional quilt, the bright colors caught my eye... and then i fell in love with the shop description. the quilts are hand-sewn by mrs. freda in tennessee, who has been quilting for seven decades (!) and is about to celebrate her 85th birthday (!!), and she has an online store. the cuteness factor just about killed me.

just think! it's like having a spare grandma, or at least a crafty one -- mine would no more have quilted than thrown out a perfectly good manhattan. (bless her, my forebears never aspired to be goddesses at the domestic arts.) not sure if mrs. freda takes on custom requests, but you never know until you ask. i heart mrs. freda and her sweet quilts. more at

Monday, May 28, 2007


NEW Custom Embossed Soap Bars - perfect for wedding favors
custom embossed soap bars

i confess i've been stalking soapylove's etsy shop trying to figure out which delight to feature, and then she listed these today and made it easy for me: voila!

sets of these gorgeous handmade soaps are available customized in your preferred color (blush and bash, anyone?) and fragrance -- good for sweet wedding or bridal party favors that can be actually *used and enjoyed*. kind of like the neon-colored foam beer coozies printed with "changes in latitude, changes in attitude" from my mom's wedding. but waaaay soapier. right! more at

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Reversible Aluminum Necklace, Heart with wings and Vegas slot machine
reversible aluminum necklace: heart with wings and vegas slot machine

i was searching for something particularly vegas to feature, as the location for my sister's impending, and stumbled across *this* stunning thing. according to sarahlynnedesigns the heart design was inspired by a classic tattoo -- the pendant is hand-sculpted in a method similar to cloisonne enameling and takes three days to glaze (!). it reverses to slot-machine lucky sevens. jackpot!

her other reversible designs are gorgeous as well -- more at

Saturday, May 26, 2007


set of six lined jewelry pouches, embroidered initials inside

traveling shoe bag and jewelry pouch set

for the more traditional, these are gorgeous and *practical* gifts -- greenwillow informs me she has made matching jewelry pouch sets for a bridal party, each custom-embroidered with the initial of the bridesmaid -- ooh la la! i love the red fabric, harlot that i am. (just kidding, mom.) more loveliness at

Friday, May 25, 2007


powder blue and golden orchid garter

ay, sexi! the only garter i've ever seen that i'd actually consider wearing. in fact, i might even wear it again after i pried it from the hands of the greedy fool who chased it down at the reception. mine!

also handily qualifies as new *and* blue, if you're into that sort of thing. now that i think about it -- it's orangey-bluish -- maybe, just maybe, my sister won't notice if i swap it for the university of florida "gator" garter she has insisted upon? ;)

more at


Custom Clutch
custom clutch

muchacha k makes a-*dor*-able bags. she makes them custom for weddings and she can make multiples for the whole party. not to mention the cute little jewelry travel roll (also in one- and three-pocket styles) for the destinationally wedded and honeymooners. if you don't see the multiples listed in her store, just send her a note! more at

going straight to hell: the weekly DBA

my bridal-shopping friends, what i am about to say isn't very nice. it puts me in mind of the old phrase -- 'if you can't say something nice, come sit next to me' --

but i have spent a good deal of time sifting through a lot of *stuff*. you have too: invitations. cards. save the date possibilities. favors. gifts. dresses. jewelry. bridesmaid crap. who knew there was so much *stuff* involved? and every now and then you come across something that just makes you think: what were they thinking?

in honor of this, and in spite of my deep and abiding admiration for etsyers and my desire to make friends and have world peace, i respectfully debut my new occasional feature entitled "the weekly DBA" -- the weekly David's Bridal Award, in honor of a place that truly made me want to light myself or someone nearby on fire.*

(the title would've been "**WTF???**" but hey, my mom reads this blog. would i use that mouth to talk to my mom? not when she's just heard what hors d'ouvres cost from hotel catering.) ($3.50-4.75 **per piece**, ahem!)

in these interludes we pause for a moment to contemplate some of the more creative entries in the bridal horserace. please know this is a friendly sort of poking fun and not a snarky "i must destroy your happiness and ridicule your personal style/masterpiece/etc." my style ain't the same as everyone's and i firmly believe in to each their own. these DBAs are just my two american cents.

without further disclaimer, the inaugural "weekly DBA":

80s GUNNE SAX Misses Lined Fitted Brides or Bridesmaids Wedding Dress UNCUT Simplicity Pattern Size 10
1980's gunne sax bride/ bridesmaid dress simplicity pattern

admittedly, this one's a softball. a no-brainer. i say: cool! sew your own wedding dress. no problem. still -- correct me if i'm wrong, some forms of retro are indeed fabulous fun -- but jessica mcclintock for gunne sax was what we wore to my 6th grade dance. and it looked bad on us even when it was in style. gunne sax, i dub thee the weekly DBA.

* it's not the people who work at david's, they are lovely. it is the FLUORESCENT MIRRORED HELL. would it be so hard to have natural lighting so we don't all look like sallow heifers? just a thought.


fifty hand-folded accordion books in custom colors

hand-bound photo album, custom colors and papers

lovely, lovely handmade albums and books! littleput advertises the accordion books as wedding favors, and they'd also be wicked little invites for a small offbeat wedding or lovely keepsakes. also *great* pendant jewelry packaged in gorgeous little tins -- more at

allie j designs

Womens tutu (Ivory)
women's tutu in ivory

is it so wrong to want a tutu?
come on. 350 yards of tulle. this is one *hell* of a tutu.
and how killer is it -- a tutu store. (!)
where were you, alliej, when i was seven?
more at

KLA art

CUSTOM Quotation Inspiration Bracelet YOU CHOOSE Quote Sterling Silver Engraved Hand Stamped

top to bottom: custom quotation engraved sterling silver ring, bracelet, and dogtag keychain

too, too cool! a great idea for bridal party gifts -- up to 15 characters on the ring, 55 characters on the bracelet, 50 characters on the dog tag -- so many possibilities!

here is a wedding haiku that comes to mind:

sweetest sister mine
summer wedding in vegas --
why heavy ballgowns?

you'll find sterling engraved guitar picks for the musically inclined, and other great items that say just exactly what you feel -- even if that actually *is* first corinthians 13. there's no shame in that.
more at

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


bella figura retro ever after card

Bella Figura Vintage Sweet Love Card
bella figura sweet sweet love card

truly unusual and beautiful cards! and not only is pepperinapress a delightful artist, she's a delight to correspond with as well -- a real gem! she also makes lovely cards to say thank you, congratulations, and 'you deserve cake'. yes, yes we do -- can't recommend highly enough!
more at


They Loved HAPPILY EVER AFTER - WoodBird Print
they loved HAPPILY EVER AFTER greeting card (also a woodblock print)

allison strine's work is filled with whimsy and joy -- so sweet.
she makes pendants, greeting cards, collages -- fun gifts, and a vibrant personality. in a set, the necklaces or magnets might be fun bridal party or shower favors, and many of these were made for moms. more at

License Plate Key Ring . . . License Plate Art . . . Choose any Letter . . .  an eco friendly, trashion inspired, recycled pendant for FUNWine Tops Her Food Pyramid - It is a Tipsy Art Magnet
Every Little Boy She LOVES Is Magic - It is a Precocious Art MagnetShe Doesnt Look Back - It is a Slow Moving ART MAGNET


Randomness Button Set
randomness button set: "laugh, face, bride, which way?"

i admit, when i first saw this it looked to me like the top button said "aug", which happens to be the month of my sister's nuptials. all the better, in my book! more supercuteness at

john clark

This Is Different - Original Illustration
'this is different' original illustration

*love* this man's sense of style and drama. mystery novel pages, with the title of the print in the illustration itself, clever thing.

a number of his prints would make great gifts or cards -- the darker ones for your runaway bride or wedding-avoidant friends.
like me. you should get one for me. prints are a reasonable $10 or so; originals $50. more at


6.9"x10.5" original photograph

i love this. there are other sizes available -- would make an interesting save the date postcard (if only i'd managed to send my sister's!) or a card for the alternative/retro bride... though there is something a bit cool and distant about the photo, maybe the reflection of the glass or the expression on the bride... gets a bit at the anxiety of the whole business. more at


philosophy b-fest (button/pin)
philosophy b-fest button

i confess, i've never read spinoza either, but the look on her face is universal.

sysiphe has another brilliant button for the fouler-of-mouthed maids of honor like myself, "f---! your zeitgeist"... but we're not bitter. oh no, not us. more at


postcard (let them eat cake)
let them eat cake postcard

for your inner marie antoinette. the glitter is a *fabulous* little touch.
more at


Emperors Bride Ponytail Holders  -fun designs and cute style
emperor's bride ponytail holders

ok -- marginally related to bridal whatnot. but so cute!
put 'em on for the bachelorette. more at

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I d Rather Be Smooching My Nerdy Husband-1 Inch Pinback Button
that about covers it! more at


Godzilla hobo
the godzilla hobo: the perfect carryall for the bride's cosmetics and sundries on the big day. lest she crush you like a little red airplane.
more at


Sun Burst Tags (set of 8)
sun-burst tags (set of 8)

perfect tags for bridesmaid gifts (or those joom bride pillows for the shower)
more at


2 Bride Bird Pillows
2 bride bird pillows

a perfect shower gift!
more at


Holding the Bouquet Kept Her From Making a Fist - 8x10 Photograph
holding the bouquet kept her from making a clenched fist

Reality Screams With Every Forward Step - 4x6 Photograph
reality screams with every forward step

Just Before I Do - 4x6 Photograph
just before i do

brilliant, witty, acerbic photography. so much emoting from plastic!
more at

something new, something borrowed

helping plan my sister's vegas wedding, and procrastinating obsessively by stalking the treasuries on etsy, i came up with a (tongue-in-cheek, i swear, april!) idea for a bridezilla treasury. little did i know how much fun it would be! sifting though all the regular wedding stuff to find truly extraordinary things -- colorful, funny, and whip-smart, as only etsy crafters are -- that get at the joys and tribulations of the blessed event.

here are items from that search and a giant thank-you to the folks who make etsy fun!


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