Wednesday, October 31, 2007

brides of frankenstein: happy halloween!

Bride of Frankenstein Handmade DIY Necklace with Spider Charm Goth
bride of frankenstein necklace

a special halloween etsy wedding! i have been *dying* (mwahaha) for a horror-bride feature. for your pleasure, the best of etsy's brides gone wrong:

the bride of frankensteinbride of frankenstein handspun artyarn with FREE handmade stitchmarkers
Vintage Horror Movie Bride of Frankenstein NecklaceFrankenBride Earrings
pulse - here comes the bride no2 - cuff braceletGreen Bride of Frankenstein Horror DIY Necklace Gothic Emo Cool
Bride of Frankenstein T-Shirt Tee Onesie or Pillow YOU PICK THE COLORSKreepy Kids Klassic Horror Bride of Frankenstein Toddler Costume Entry
Bride of Frankenstein Movie Poster Glam Dangle Vinyl LP Record Earrings Halloween Vintage PunkBride of FRANKENSTEIN
Bride of Frankenstein Floral Bride of Frank Pocket Mirror with Felt Pouch

each image is linked to its respective store. hooray for halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

awelldressedbullet: shotgun wedding

shotgun wedding reception bar and party lights

oh, but wait. these are too much! mwahaha, shotgun wedding lights. hilarious. and they're technically upcycled -- repurposed fired hulls -- in silver, gold, or r-r-red. a brilliant gift for those gittin' hitched in a hurry.

Monday, October 29, 2007

studiometalsmith: custom rings

custom-made wedding bands

here are lovely simple sterling silver wedding bands, available in three different finishes (hammered, high-polish or satin) and in two different widths (both rings the same thickness or one thick/one thin as above). modern and without ostentation. the best part? the price is for *both* rings. crafted in san diego, also available in 18k gold. check out the other cool jewels as well at


you may have noticed, faithful reader, that i have shied away from the vast subject of bridal jewelry. mainly because i find it stupidly repetitive -- freshwater pearl, freshwater pearl, swarovski crystal, natch. white rice jewelry. but that's not helping you, now is it? so i pledge over the next few weeks to seek out something new and different in the bridal set department -- let me know if you have your own etsy favorites you'd like to nominate (send a note if you like) with my thanks!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

cipolla: hand-sewn treats

the three-way: wristlet, handbag, clutch

you naughty thing. if we could find *that* sort of three-way on etsy they'd call it craigslist.

so much in this toronto-based shop could be made in sets for unusual gifts (for self or others) -- clutches, scarves, totes -- worth coaxing marina the cipollamistress to sew a few of a kind. cipolla also makes gift sets *and* you can have them gift wrapped and ready to go:

gift set duo: caramel floral clutch and eyeglass case

if that fails, give a gift certificate for something handmade with love. more at

inkylivie: paper goods

Black and white Save the Date cards set of 25
black and white save the date cards -- set of 25

fan-ceee. but what saves them from frouffery is the textured paper and the bold red envelopes. could be superformal or supergoth. you be the judge.

her wedding stationery is mostly formal (with this exception), but her other designs are a bit more freewheeling -- she does custom work, so you might browse the shop for ideas:

merci bird square card

love the textured paper! more at

back again redux: go sox!!

forgive the delay, friends -- was in boston last weekend for fort point open studios, an incredibly great year this year -- thanks to all who made it! here are a few of my ridiculously talented friends from that community:

michael hammecker (paintings)
kate gilbert miller (paintings, hair portraits)
jim kalambokis (transfigured books + web design)
marie galvin (phenomenal headwear)
andrew woodward (paintings)
adam yothers' dyslexic press (screenprinted gear)

all even better in person. for more info on the 'hood, check out

then followed a week of magazine shipping and sudden dire head cold and interminable world series games. but that's not what you're here to read about! getting back to business...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

flushdesigns: puzzle invite

customized word puzzle card/invite

word-nerds, unite! the above sample is a birthday card, but courtney of flushdesigns also makes a custom wedding invitation version. you supply her with colors, preferences, up to 30 words, and she makes gorgeous inkjet and letterpress word-search cards. brilliant. more custom invitation options at

Monday, October 15, 2007

dekel: mezuzah case

mezuzah case -- lahav/flame

for those unfamiliar, a mezuzah case holds and protects the mezuzah, a parchment scroll that contains specific verses of prayer from the torah and is attached to the doorframe -- both as a commandment of the faith as well as the blessing of a new home. as the description elaborates:
In the Book of Deuteronomy it is written: “And you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and upon your gates." Jewish homes have always fulfilled this commandment by hanging a mezuzah on the frames of their doors.

this case is one of a traditional/contemporary series with beautiful silver filigree caps and etched hand-blown glass made by israeli artist irit dekel -- more at

Sunday, October 14, 2007

vreelanddesigns: hemp invites

Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations - orange
eco-friendly wedding invitations in orange

so leafy wedding invitations

vreelanddesigns block-prints designs onto hemp paper invitations by hand, with digitally printed type, and the results are quite fresh. the 'eco-friendly' invite has a biodegradeable ribbon and a paper-saving email RSVP -- or spring for something more traditional with a reply card, more choices at

sweetToriginal: handmade bags

1979 make-up bag

habanera I make-up bag

cute bridal party gifts, no? satin-lined marimekko fabric bags, make-up totes and wristlets (check out the sweet antoinette) -- sweetToriginal in NYC welcomes special requests and can produce these in sets for your ladies. even better -- each comes with free lip gloss. more at

Monday, October 8, 2007

dishfulsofdoodles: handpainted tableware

small serving bowl
small serving bowl

square serving platter

these are just so cool. self-taught wisconsin artist mary imig gallimore has formed a doodle empire of 'daydream-inspired tableware painted by hand.' originally a high-school notebook doodle, each shape is drawn freehand and filled in like a puzzle to craft these intricate, obsessively quirky platters and dishes. she has gorgeous work, will take custom color orders, ships internationally, and gift-wraps -- and the dishes are food-safe and hand-washable. add to your etsy registry at, or give a truly one-of-a-kind gift. *almost* too pretty to use. more at

weekly DBA: MOB quilt

this week's david's bridal award: mother of the bride quilt

oh dear.

granted, this quilt is intentionally off-kilter, to represent the harried internal state of the harried M.O.B. uh huh. would take a mum with a good sense of humor, no?

a delightful early fall DBA.
(what's a DBA?)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

sweetpaperie: cohabitation stamps

custom address rubber stamp

here's something different gift-wise, if you know where you or your couple-in-question will be living -- tons of different designs and choices (font? self-inking?) plus some fun stamps for monograms, thank you notes or holidays. more at

Thursday, October 4, 2007

relaxationworks: bath + body love

sweet love extra thick whipped body frosting

melt my heart solid lotion in rich vanilla bean

mmm. gift ideas for self or others at boston-based (yay!) relaxationworks. the sweet love frosting is gardenia and spice scent and sounds like the perfect antidote for new england winter-dry skin (or pretty much any time of year in vegas).

solid lotion hearts literally melt with the warmth of your hand, and because it's solid can travel with you *on* the plane (ziploc bag recommended!). plus 20% of their proceeds go to children's friends and services, a rhode island charity. can i resist a heart-melting pun? no. no i can't.

not only are products handmade (and many vegan), relaxationworks takes custom orders for fragrances, and everything in the store looks soooo soothing. perfect for your stressed-out bride, a shower gift, or as multiples for moms and the bridal party -- more treats at

p.s. -- check out their link to a fun boston-area etsy blog!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

psalm117: custom wedding veils

white wedding veil with trim

you may or may not be down with the short simple veil, but i think it rather sassy. doesn't matter, because heidi of oregon-based psalm117 will custom make you whatever veil in whatever length and whatever netting you want, and her prices are *wicked* reasonable. and she just seems so *nice* in her profile description i can hardly stand it. more at

back again!

apologies for the posting slowdown, all -- had a surprise visit from the queen mum, who arrived last wednesday and stayed through the weekend.

must share one jolly bit -- while getting dressed at 8am i heard her walk into my room saying "just am gonna ask you: when are you going to settle down, get married, and have babies??" to which i had to sit down and hold the sides of my head together (ha ha, ha) to keep it from splitting right in two. much madcap hilarity ensues, and i went to work entirely askew. later that evening, on further prodding, turns out she *actually* said "just so you know, i'm *not* gonna ask you when..." etc. babies etc. marriage. the first part was drowned out by the air-conditioner, OR SO SHE CLAIMS. crafty mum, she brought it up *without* bringing it up, in an attempt to spare me the stress of wondering when she was going to bring it up. she's a wily clever one. and she loves me just the way i am. :)

QM accompanied me somewhat hesitantly to crafty bastards here in dc, a marvelous time, and now she's safely returned to the far south and i am back in business!


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