Friday, April 30, 2010

etsy wedding giveaway! custom watercolor wedding map REVISED 10.12.10

Custom Wedding Map
{ UPDATE 7.march.11 -- custom wedding maps and illustrations by nattymichelle }

**UPDATE 7.march.11: the kind etsy soul who stepped in and volunteered her services: natalie of nattymichelle. more on her shortly. fantastic!

**UPDATE 12.oct.10: all, i'm leaving this post up because of all your wonderful comments and suggestions, but madison-claire never came through with the prize after multiple attempts to contact them, and i'm having to scramble to find a kind etsy soul to put together a wedding map for the winner. not cool.

if you're looking for lovely watercolor wedding maps, check out this search for current shops.

your long-awaited giveaway -- xxxxxxxx at madison~claire designs wrote with a generous offer: a custom watercolor wedding map, personalized and one-of-a-kind. so neat! they also do custom illustrations for programs, etc.

what do i need to know this time, you ask? to enter, in comments tell us about how you're putting together your invites -- letterpress? DIY? online resource? keeping it simple or personalizing? or any clever invitation resources.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

shop local: chicago etsy wedding glory

Mantilla - Cathedral Length Veil CHICAGO series - no. 33 - handmade ivory bridal fascinator - brooch - dress adornment - with feathers, organza, tulle, pearls and rhinestones
Black Velvet Satin Floral Handbag happily ever after ticket
CUSTOM ORDER INFORMATION PAGE for wedding, bridal feather and flower head pieces, fascinators, headbands, accessories, burlesque and everyday flair Chicago Transit Authority - Transit Subway Token Cufflinks, Man Gift, Groomsman Gift
Chicago Bakery Vintage Soy Teacup Candle Save The Date Postcard - Chicago Cubs
Chicago Flag Pillows Chicago Vintage Map Belt Buckle - GIFT WRAP INCLUDED - Travels - Vintage Finish hyde park engelwood gross park ravenswood edgewater south chicago
Hollow Book Flask Safe (Flask Included) The Lost World by Michael Crichton Corinne - sterling silver drape necklace
Rich Taupe Glass and Pearl earrings vintage wood block letters from printshop WE or ME 
{each photo links to its shop}

well damn. am in chicago for work this week and checked in to see how the giveaway was going... um, what giveaway, jen? i sense you thinking -- you see, i logged out last weekend so i could use my new google docs wedding templates (they are great, thanks for the recommendations!) through my personal gmail... and then traveled -- and just logged back in as etsywedding...

and holy mama, i thought i'd scheduled it for friday and it is not up. doh. must not have pressed the big obvious orange "publish" button. bad blogger.

let's try this again. first, here's my shop local chicago post -- feel free to add yourselves in the comments, chicago etsy brides and artists -- and i am hereby scheduling the giveaway to post FOR REAL this friday, with my apologies for the delay!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

catching up with the inbox

Cake Topper - Tree with Leaves and Birds on Oregon Black Walnut Base
{ tree with leaves and birds cake topper by lintandlavender

tonight i went to an incredibly more-fun-than-expected papersource workshop (i recommend!) and learned how to do crafty things with recycled paper. i now own a bone folder. life is very good.

catching up with my overstuffed, under-replied-to inbox, we have:

  • brooklyn-based jezebel stationery, charming "correspondence for the vagabond heart," reports she now makes custom invitations. unique and lovely. (this post on her blog caught me off-guard -- i feel the same.)  
  •  staggered -- john writes from the UK's '"number one men's wedding website -- we know this for a fact because we're the only one," charming in an entirely different way than jezebel stationery. news you can use, like rated iphone wedding apps, all in delightfully accented prose.
perhaps of interest:
  • TLC writes to let us know friday is "thank god it's bride day" on TLC. i don't have tv (only internets for procrastination in this house, missy) and have never seen say yes to the dress (5th season premiere 9ET, per email) but i could use some popcorn+couch hours.
  • chicago-area folks: check out -- i never understood the purpose of fondant icing (eat it? peel it off? ball it up and throw it at your siblings?) anyway. why does dessert have to be immobilized in a sheet of sugar-candlewax? cream cake co. bakes from scratch and only uses sweet cream icing. mmm.
  • TLC's Perfect Day Giveaway, starts Friday for 4 weeks, grand prize = Kleinfeld VIP NYC experience, see this clip for more info.
  • Hearts on Fire's The Perfect Moment (notice theme of perfection, yes?) giveaway -- is a facebook contest through june 20th to win $10k diamond jewelry, info and entries here
and etsy delights:

 The Monogrammed Collection- Personalized by Aedriel Originals SALE-At the Touch of Love Everyone Becomes a Poet Plate 

{ hand-painted ceramic plates by aedriel }


New Hand Stamped Glassine Gift Bags Bird on a Vine Set 12 Hand Stamped Ivory Candles Italian Sentiment Set 2 
The Original Creator and Designer of Handed Scented Lavender Flowers Antique White Lavender Scented Hand Stamped Flowers AS SEEN IN SOMERSET LIFE AND ROMANTIC COUNTRY MAGAZINES SET 4 Hand Stamped Ribbon Pour Vous Ceramic Roses  AS SEEN IN SOMERSET LIFE AND ROMANTIC COUNTRY MAGAZINES
{ hand-stamped glassine bags, candles, and silk flowers: french country 1908 by teacupdesign }


Grace Couture - Brown Ostrich Feather Purse with Swarovski Crystal Trim -ONE OF A KIND Stephanie Couture - Brown Satin Clutch - Pink Ostrich Feathers and Orchids 

{ fancy purses by sherri weese designs }


Cake Topper - Tree with Felt Leaves and Birds in Brown, Green and Off-White on Black Walnut Base Bouquet Set of Three Wool-Blend Felt Flowers in Teal, Brown and Off-White 
{ wonderful felt and button cake toppers + flowers by lint and lavender }

more to come!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bonzie bridal giveaway results! and more

Ivory Pierrot Bridal Wrap Tea Length Tiered Tulle Skirt
Victorian Inspired Silk Bolero with Corsage Trio Ethereal Light Baroque Wrap IVORY
{ all from }

dear patient readers, i have good news for one and all!

the good news for one, as chosen by jessica, all lower-case, who uses martha stewart weddings for planning, with the wedding date 7/31/10, the ethereal bridal wrap is yours. please get in touch, etsywedding@gmail, and i will connect you with our lovely irish friends.

the good news for all who entered the contest and are in love with bonzie's wraps: a spectacular deal! for everyone who left a comment on the giveaway, bonzie will give you free shipping (from ireland) (!!!) on the gorgeous shrug/bolero/wrap you want most.

to get this discount, send them a note (click on "contact seller") subject "I LOVE ETSYWEDDING BLOG" (bonzie's suggestion, i swear) and include the item you want to purchase, and they will adjust the listing and reserve just for you.


please join me in thanking bonzie and ger for this amazing giveaway. i am seriously considering one of these myself. and i *encourage* you to go to their store, check out their blog, flickr, youtube, twitter... truly amazing work.

next giveaway: this friday!

Monday, April 19, 2010

to have and to... please hold...

Hold Onto Each Other - Audrey Hepburn Quote TO HAVE AND TO HOLD ring bearer bowl (TM) with tiny text - wedding or commitment ceremony dish - THE Original Modern Heirloom from Paloma's Nest 
5 TOTE PARTY PACK/to Have and to Hold to have and to hold
To Have and to Hold / Wedding or Engagement Card (Yellow and White) Friends Holding Heart -Handing Kirigami Mandala
HOLD heart. It's not who you are that holds you back...
{each photo links to its shop}

apologies for my disappearance. {please hold while i connect your blog} --

i have been (in order):
magazine shipping
not sleeping
more magazine shipping

i have a good number of emails to get back to, thank you for your patience! and the bonzie winner to announce, i know!

more soon.

in the meantime, enjoy this poetry feature i've been working on every day this month:
Stanley Kunitz, "King of the River"
(see also the lovely introduction by David Barber)

Friday, April 9, 2010

please excuse. birthday fuss underway.

40mm Pink Heart Resin Cabochons - 5 pc set 40 Party Poms.. Free 2 day shipping.. choose your colors
Double Stack White Tickets 3 in. x 2 in. Wood Mini Notepad (40 Reasons Why I Love You)

{each photo links to its store}

forgive the absence, all -- today was a Milestone-Birthday-That-Must-Not-Be-Named for an important person who must not be identified. that i may or may not be marrying. it's all very hush hush. tomorrow we're embarking on a mystery weekend that i have been preparing for a month. WAY more fun than planning a wedding.

i will return with giveaway news monday. for anyone thinking of breaking into our apartment, a) we haven't gotten any gifts yet and b) the rottweilers are VERY ANGRY we'll be gone. all seven of them.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

last day! enter the bonzie bridal wrap giveaway

bonzie is giving away one ethereal bridal shrug to a reader -- don't forget to enter by midnight pacific time tonight!

and check out the helpful wedding planning tools/website tips in the comments -- was so happy to find the google docs wedding templates, am trying them out first... thanks everyone!

Monday, April 5, 2010

blue + white sampler

MODERN LINEN CLUTCH - Blue and White Floral Sailorific (White)
Blue Sapphire and 14K Palladium White Gold Ring Vintage Lace Dove spoon rest in Marine Blue hand built stoneware pottery 
Wedding Invitation and RSVP Set - Royal Blue - Style 2 time for tea diagram - perfect tea towels, set of 2, blue
White gold bubble tree branch necklace Blue Stripe Tie - White short sleeve - U PICK SIZE 
Whimsical Dupioni Silk Ring Bearer Pillow Ivory, Cream, White or Silver Party Dress-----------custom sized
{each photo links to its shop}

forgive me, i thought i had posted this monday. now it can be a game -- a pair of freshwater pearl earrings to whoever guesses what this is related to.


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