Thursday, September 27, 2007

unlesssomeonelikeyou redux: more poster invites

Wedding Poster  (Fall)
wedding poster -- fall

i love how different these are without being ostentatious -- simple, informal, well-designed (don't agree with all the font combinations, but diff'rent strokes will move the world) and (for the portrait ones) intensely personal. yes, most are hipster-y, but if you're contemplating a poster invite you're likely not the blush-and-bash traditional type anyway. here's another:

Wedding Poster
wedding poster

this one's more on the precious side, yet froufilly retro-modern. the beauty of it is you get to work with a real human being to custom-design something friendly and fun -- unlesssomeonelikeyou's low-key samples have charm to spare. i like the idea of them as 5x7s as well (11x17 posters are a bit grand, though they'd make a big splash) -- *and* check out the new line of baby announcements. a brilliant bit of savvy. more from chicago at

Monday, September 24, 2007

rainsend: ring pillow

custom bird's nest wedding ring pillow

bear with me, friends, i'm on a ring pillow jag and it's unstoppable. whoo! just thought this one was clever and different, especially for those getting hitched in the spring. new life and whatnot!

figures that rainsend is in new england -- the eight years i lived there, spring was a desperate *need* by the time it arrived. not too proud to mention one year i *finally* saw little robin red-breast and scared the bejeezus out of it --
i see you, you bastard! i see you!

er, ahem. back to weddings. you can customize the egg/ribbon color to whatever your heart desires. more at

Saturday, September 22, 2007

mezzo: feather hairpins

feather hair pins in white (set of 3)

i would *swear* i saw this on (which cannot be beat for alt-wedding 'porn'!) and didn't realize the bride was also a montreal-based etsy maven -- ooh la la! here's something for those who prefer an allover look rather than the feather fascinator... fancy, fancy. in other colors as well at

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

invited ink II: custom notecards

Letterpress - Vintage Monogram - Custom Notecards
vintage monogram custom letterpress notecards -- set of 50

lovely and simple -- am not generally into slapping my initials all over something, but these are almost like a chop, and there are three elegant (and interchangeable) combinations of ink and envelope: espresso, red, or bamboo. perfect for thank you notes, which it's a nice touch to have personalized. as long as your and his initials don't spell out something silly -- NAG or PIG, say -- you're golden. (in that case, you could of course go with the single initial monogram... just saying...)

more on invitedink here or at

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

alliejdesigns redux: teensy tutu

picture perfect tutu in white

would. you. look. look at this adorable nugget! don't think of myself as a girlygirl, but check out the freaking tutu with the pink sneaks. if you don't want to be upstaged, do not, repeat! do not get this for your flower girls. freaking cutest thing ever.

the grownup version is here, with more at

weekly DBA: TP cake

Mock Wedding Cake With Candle
this week's david's bridal award: toilet paper cake

ok, i know i've already mined this fertile ground with the bathtowel cake. but this one has something new -- six rolls of toilet paper, five cotton washcloths, four hand towels and, the coup de grace, a *sink plunger*.

what, what, is one to do with this? keep it? pass it among friends? or... heaven forfend... use it? what does it say about one when you use the nuptial decorations to literally, er, wipe up? and sitting atop the "plunger pedestal" is a decorative bride and groom candle... beauty and utility.

i knew marriage would involve plunging, but so soon?
TP cake, thou art the weekly DBA.
(what's a DBA?)

madisongre: bridal clutch

Blanca Bridal Champaign Rose Clutch
blanca bridal champagne rose clutch

part of me thinks clutches are silly -- won't someone carry your giant honking regular bag with waterproof mascaras, lipsticks, camera, tissues, etc. etc. *for* you on your big day? don't you get minions (i mean! bridesmaids!) for this sort of thing? but there's something so ladylike about this one, and it's got a little wristy thing, and the big flower is a brooch so you can move it to the other side or remove it as you see fit. plus madisongre donates a percentage of sales to local (california) animal shelters and the susan g. komen breast cancer foundation. nice. now if they'd only correct one little thing: champagne, champagne, please. more at

Sunday, September 16, 2007

primrosebride: ring pillows and garters

something blue: custom ring-bearer pillow with keepsake+toss silk charmeuse garter set

am blue, blue, blue tonight, friends, so here is something blue and lovely -- a gorgeously made set of garters and ring pillow, with a sachet to keep the keepsake garter on thoughtfully included. (i always wondered what people did with their garters, and this makes the most sense yet: throw 'em in the skivvie drawer and put 'em to work!)

you send primrosebride your color swatch and she will make these divine little sets to order -- she also can whip up veils, custom linens, and table runners. here's another:

silk charmeuse ring pillow with seafoam satin ribbons and czech glass button

because i'm personally headed for bitter spinsterhood, my one kvetch is that typographical errors abound in these listings, but when you have mad sewing skills many things are forgiven, no? my sweet boss is lysdexic, as he calls it -- am much less judgmental these days, a soft spot for the spelling-impaired. end kvetch.

regardless of my blueness: truly lovely work. based in seattle, more at

Thursday, September 13, 2007

waisze: repurposed favor boxes

altered altoid tin favor box

am back! whether you're for or against the 'favor' as a concept, check out this great upcycled project -- these are remainders from her own wedding, but perhaps if you prodded wai sze in nyc could make some in your colors as well? you'd have to eat a *lot* of altoids to make your own, i suppose, but then your fiance might appreciate all that mintylicious breath... a beautiful idea!

more at

Friday, September 7, 2007

boston two-fer: amyjjewelry and gartersbykristi

Boston T  Token Necklace
boston T token necklace*

BOSTON RED SOX Inspired Wedding Garter Set
boston red sox "keepsake and toss" wedding garter set

two guesses as to where i am this weekend -- my old stomping grounds! am in town for the boston "ahts" festival and posting from afah.

i've actually purchased a garter from gartersbykristi -- to be specific, a university of florida gator garter keepsake and toss, because *that's how much i love my sister.* while the USPS intervened and delayed them (i have had *terrrrrible* luck with our postal friends of late -- where's my new yorker subscription, yo?), when the garters did arrive they were impeccably made and quite lovely, as florida gator garters go.

quick story -- a friend from NY (rabid yankee fan) married a guy from boston, whose four brothers were his groomsmen. she was laid back and told them they could wear whatever they wanted. so they show up to her wedding in red sox ties. not only that, but there were two cakes at the wedding (to keep the peace??) -- one red sox, one yankees -- and when the red sox cake ran out before the groom's mother had a piece, she went without cake entirely rather than eat one with blue pinstripe frosting. ah, i love this town. guess once you've gone and gotten baseball cakes, figure people will wear their colors.

more at (made in boston!) and at -- go sox!

* i miss these -- the charlie card is dumb. wasn't charlie *trapped* on the T and could never leave?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

charleystar: wedding tote

wedding canvas tote bag

sweet little hand silkscreened totes -- i confess, when i first saw this i thought, awww. the q-tips are in love. but the more i look at it, the more i find to like -- a basic workaday bag with a million uses. and the mood is just right: just a simple, silly smile and holding hands. what better? see

buttonempire III: bride and groom

bride and groom-1 Inch Button Duo
bride and groom one-inch button duo

i *know*, i know. i can't stop featuring buttonempire. but look! you would feature these on your obsessive etsy-wedding-shopping blog if you had one, right?


more here, and at

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

papersuite: his+hers soaps

just for him, just for her engagement soap set

so maybe this is weird, and maybe giving a gift of soap is tantamount to saying: hey. you're dirty. use this. but at least it's unusual, no? and so cutely wrapped, and it comes with a lovely handmade card? "his" soap is an oatmeal scrub, because, well, boys need scrubbing; "hers" is a goat's milk soap (not sure about the fragrance on that one?) said to be good for the skin. i'm all for something different. maybe soap *plus* a big ol' bottle of champagne. that says: hey. drink something. get in the tub together. rinse, repeat.

papersuite has other fancy cards as well, and she donates part of the proceeds to children in africa. worth getting dirty for. more at


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