Thursday, February 28, 2008

roselabiche: très chic tees

{ orchid -- ruffled tee }

ok, this is only loosely bridal. i could make a case for a bachelorette night-out or over a simple white skirt at an uber-casual affair. but i have such an etsycrush on rose la biche's shop! and i'm *so* not a ruffle kind of girl.

french globetrotting san francisco-based designer lucy sounds like a trifecta of cool. i *heart* you, ruffly amelie tees.

more at

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

trixiedelicious: alternative china

{ seven deadly sins ornate set }

have i really not mentioned trixiedelicious? her shop was one of the first i 'hearted' when i joined the crack den etsy community... hey, everyone needs a vice. or seven.

her work truly speaks for itself -- perfect visual irony, not for the dainty or blushing. wicked gifts! more hand-painted kiwi insouciance at

Creep teacupHis and Hers plates
Freak plate assemblageSlum plate

what's cookin'?

hello all! am cooking up a little something behind the scenes, more info to come. there just might be a lag in posting. or i might use the blog to procrastinate. like right now. {blink blink}

[can i just say: thank god blogs did not exist when i was in college. am dating myself, but seriously. i'd probably still be in my second semester.]

in the meantime, check out this great interview! offbeatbride and diybride have combined to form an awesome bridal voltron ... er, sorry. ariel offbeat interviews khris d.i.y. about the dangers of 'craftier-than-thou' syndrome' -- especially perilous for already-crafty folks who think: what the hey! i'm crafty! i could hand-quilt 175 leather and straw save-the-dates -- i can whip up four sets of bridesmaid jewelry the morning of the wedding -- no sweat. (one of those scenarios is true.)

if you're interested, discuss further at

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

cabin fever! spring thank-you sampler

Spring Leaves - set of six greeting cards and envelopes
{ spring leaves -- set of six cards + envelopes }

snow? rain? grey day? if you don't live in florida, (and aren't my mom, who *loves* to call in february and say things like -- hold on darling, i can't hear you over the pool pump) (gah!) you might also be feeling that crazy old yearning for songbirds, pastel sorbet colors, anything linen or open-toed, and -- for the love of god, a leaf! a petal! a single crocus! anything. usually it hits me mid-march, am a bit early this year.

in that spirit, here are a spring dozen of fresh thank you note sets, in varying numbers. many of the sellers can make up a batch in however many your gratefulness or etiquette dictates. especially nice for spring/summer weddings.

Set of 6 Birds on Wire Thank You Note Cardsfolky THANK YOU set (turquoise)
Whirlaway Thank You Notes, Yellow and Grey, Box of 6Embossed Thank You Cards- Set of 4
Wild Flower Flat NotecardsTiffany Blue and Chocolate Flat Notes
Personalized notecards - blue robinThank You Cards 4 Set Excited Dog
Big Spots - THANKS note cardsSet of 6 Swallows Note Card Set
Thank You Card - Set of 8Blue Bloom Notecards, set of four

Friday, February 22, 2008

jonabags: clutches and wristlets

{ bizarre bouquet makeup bag }

fresh custom clutches and wristlets -- great gifts for your bridal party. since there's a discount for 6 or more, you can get one for yourself as well, sneaky sneak.

colorado-based jonabags loves custom work and working with brides-to-be -- and her bags are just... happy! little zippered celebrations. this tip courtesy of mrs. violet, from weddingbee.

Clutch - In Love With LoveWristlet - Mums the Word
Wristlet - Flora and FaunaWristlet - Gold Rush
Make-Up Bag - The Bees KneesSmall Make-Up Bag - Bizarre Bouquet
more at

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

brooklynbookbinder redux: thank you cards

{ chocolate brown merci cards -- set of five }

la la! in addition to gorgeous heirloom-quality albums and journals, maggie campbell has added wonderful letterpress thank-you notes. worth an update!

Blue Green Thank You Cards (Set of 5)Eucalyptus Lime Green Triple Chain Stitch Photo Album
Pink, White and Brown Triple Chain Stitch AlbumParis Thank You Cards (Set of 5)
Debossed No-Ink Thank You Cards (Set of 5)Vintage World Map Album
more at

Sunday, February 17, 2008

lhcalligraphy: addresses + maps

Hand addressing Cezanne Script
{ hand addressing -- cezanne script }

more lovely handwriting on etsy. while lhcalligraphy's is a brand new shop with no feedback as yet, several of laura's scripts look quite fetching, and she also does charming maps and place cards. more at

{edit! 28 march: see a great interview with laura over at snippet+ink!}

Hand AddressingSan Diego Wedding Map
Calligraphy for your invitationsEnvelope Addressing
Atlanta Georgia MapPlacecards for your Wedding

ask etsy, and ye shall receive: yesouisi

for those of you needing info on the "yesouisi" shirt from the hope chest post, i asked the etsy forums and they came through (like *always* -- it's almost magic!)

to give credit where credit is due, here is the forum with my... i mean, etsy's crack volunteer research team and the seller who makes the t-shirt:
(better than a volunteer research team on crack!) thanks, everyone!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

myrakim: custom headpieces

{ custom bridal hairpiece with veil, flowers, feathers }

i'm not usually a huge fan of the feather 'fascinator' -- they can seem a bit tawdry, or old-wild-westy. but myrakim's use of color and little bits of french netting (russian netting? fancy-foreign-netting) sets her graceful work apart. each is custom made: materials include silks, organza, tulle, feathers, alencon lace, and beads, and can be as tawdry as you like.

RESERVED for MollyPearson - Custom order - Bridal hairpiece - Feather and flower in ivoryFeather and Flower Hairpiece - Silk, Chiffon, Lace, Bridal, Wedding, Accessory, Hair, Pin
RESERVED for aliss8 - Custom hairpiece, veil, black, feathers, flowersRESERVED for Rookster - Custom Bridal hairpiece - Feather and Flower
more at


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