Thursday, March 29, 2012

break the record: upcycled cassette tape wedding centerpiece

Red Cassette Tape Wedding Table Lighted Centerpiece
{ music lover red cassette tape LED-lighted centerpiece }

this is just the coolest idea! '80s theme? rock n' roll wedding? it takes me way back.
oh mix tapes. How I crafted you so lovingly. How I listened to you over and over when someone made you for me. I kept every single one of you, even though I no longer have a way to play you.

we are both musicians, and incorporating music into our wedding was so important to us that our wedding invitation was a hand-letterpressed mix-cd for all of our friends and family. (I will one day post step-by-step instructions for how to DIY your own!)

You can get these in all sorts of colors -- plus you're supporting an awesome single-mom crafter and her two girls. Maybe the best store motto I've seen: Music + Recycling + Craftiness = Break the Record.

(plus check out the amazing vinyl record cake stand!!)

Vinyl Record Serving Stand GREEN Cassette Tape Light Centerpiece
DJ Purple Cassette Tape Lamp Mood Light Music Lover Retro Recycled Upcycled Music Lover Repurposed Upcycled Vinyl Record Mail Holders Set of 3
MixTape Lighted Centerpieces (Set of 10) Golden MixTape Light Lamp Centerpiece
10 MixTape Lighted Centerpiece Lamps Music Lover Vinyl Record Earrings and Bracelet
Iphone Ipod Cassette Tape Case Charging Dock Led Zeppelin Repurposed Green Upcycled MixTape Night Light Lamp Centerpiece
Vinyl Record Wall Clock DURAN DURAN "arena" 80s Party Pack
more at

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

my heart's in egypt wedding sampler

Vintage Map Necklace Cairo
{ cairo vintage map necklace by ivcreations55 }

one of my dearest friends is spending yet another birthday on an amazing trip, this time to Egypt, that I was invited on but couldn't swing. I would like to be in Egypt right NOW. (not working.) RIGHT NOW.

someday I will go to Egypt and see Cairo and the Nile.
For now... thinking of you, Delly -- happy birthday.

Exquisite Vintage Turquoise Bugle Bead Egyptian Cleopatra Collar Necklace Egyptian Cats - American Apparel Womens t shirt ( womens t shirt) ( Cat t shirt)
Egyptian Goddess Patina Brass Bangle Framed Scarab Beetle with Egyptian Money Insect Display
Crochet Gold Filled Wire and Pearls Nile Necklace Silver Coin Ring 1957 Egypt 5 Piastres - RIng Size 5 1/4 and Double Sided
Egyptian Scarab Earrings Patina Scarab Earrings Verdigris Scarab Dangle Egyptian Earrings - E102 Theda Bara Egyptian Revival Necklace Collar
Egyptian Circle Wish Bracelet - Antique Brass XLRG  Egyptian  beaded  Queen Cleopatra Necklace 9 Scarab
Rusty Cuts Egyptian Nefertiti Mini Dress Sz XS S M L Egypt Flag Cufflinks -- Gift for Egyptian wedding, groomsmen, and university graduation
Egyptian Pharaoh Earrings Egyptian copper necklace with cascade and light seafoam chalcedony briolette dangle
Vintage-style print: man on a camel, Egypt 8x10 Egyptian Warrior Goddess, Sekhmet Lioness Leather Mask
Unique handcrafted Ancient Egyptian Senet Game board in cotton bag EGYPTIAN BIRD god horus brown tee SILKSCREENED large
{each photo links to its etsy shop}

Thursday, March 22, 2012

a practical wedding, on bridesmaids and accessories

Letterpressed Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card by drippyink etsy
{ letterpressed "will you be my bridesmaid" card by drippyink }

better late than never, celebrating blog-friend Meg's first Huffington Post article, "Your Bridesmaids are not Accessories and other Truths" -- in which she lets you off the hook for any fears you're doing the bridal party thing wrong. THERE IS NO WRONG.* There is only Zuul.

[update! plus her must-read series of posts on etsy's blog:
A Wedding on Your Terms: The Stuff
A Wedding on Your Terms: The Registry ]

If you don't already read A Practical Wedding it is just *great* -- I still do.

Plus check out her new book! A Practical Wedding: Creative Ideas for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration -- filled with sane sanity, which is not redundant when you're planning a wedding.

(I'm so pleased to feature it in the first ad I've ever posted on this site. We started our blogs around the same time [don't compare, APW is all grown up!] and it has been a pleasure and inspiration to watch her grow ever since.)

(and of course if you need accessories for your friends-who-are-not-accessories:)

Gray and White Bridesmaids Clutch Set varying shade and patterns of gray Design your own SET OF 6 , coral  bridesmaid earrings , bridesmaid gifts   , gold  coral earring ,spring , wedding jewelry, beach
Orange Red Organza Flower  Bridesmaid Hair Comb-3 Organza poppy Flower and 2 Fall Leaves Bridesmaid Gift Set of 5 Make up Bags  - Choose the fabric
Dress / Bridesmaid / Romantic / Yellow / Dreamy / Bridesmaid / Party / Ruffles Flowers / Ready to ship Pocket Mirror - Party Favor, Bridesmaid Gift or Stocking Stuffer - Modern Birdhouse Purple Mirror With Pouch - Buy 3 Get The 4th FREE
Tangerine Orange Tiffany Blue Glass Earrings, Bridesmaids Jewelry, Bridal Jewelry, Wedding Jewelry 4 of Ruffle Chiffon Flower Hair Clips/ Brooches for Bridesmaid Hair
Bridesmaid Gifts - Set of 7 Jewelry Travel Organizer Clutches - Custom fabric/colours gold karma necklace, Freshwater pearl, bridesmaid gifts, eternity necklace, entwined rings, sisters, best friends, circle necklace
Large Peach Rose Flower Stud Earrings perfect for Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor Gifts Bridesmaids dress - mix it up.
{each photo links to its etsy shop}

*ok, technically there may be a wrong way, which would be to let the wedding-industrial complex make you feel like you have to buy 15 matching sets of everything or to think there's only ONE RIGHT WAY and every other way is TACKY, but we're not here to judge if that's what makes you happy, do your thing.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

on cherry blossoms, and a film you need to see

White Cherry Blossom Viewfinder Photo Print, robins egg blue, vintage style home decor  - Wrapped in Romance 8 x 8
{ "wrapped in romance" cherry blossom kodak dualflex viewfinder print by seelifeshine }

over the weekend we caught up with A's friend Lucy Walker, a truly gifted, brilliant filmmaker (nominated for two Oscars!) and dear soul, after her Environmental Film Festival retrospective. Lucy and our friend Aaron have made a gorgeous short documentary called "The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom" and you *must* keep your eye out for it where you live -- a profoundly moving film of catastrophe and beautiful redemption. Showing in Durham NC's Full Frame festival next month among others, and eventually on HBO.

then on Sunday we biked down to DC's own cherry blossoms, here early this year -- 100 years and every year a miracle.

there's an enormous variety of cherry-blossom-themed invitations on etsy (click here to see the latest) -- and here's a sampler of other lovely ideas. Bonus points to anyone who recognizes my favorite pink-haired anime ass-kicker. Happy spring!

Cherry Blossoms Earrings Wearable Photo Art Vintage Inspired - Shabby Chic- Pink and Blue Miss Tokio Hosiery Geisha Cherry Blossoms Fashion Poster 1927  Vintage Color Advertisement Lithograph To Frame
Seven Cardinal Sins Cherry Blossom Altered Vintage Plate set Thank You Cards Bright Pink and Colourful Cherry Blossom
hot pink cherry blossom hair clip - DEVOTEDLY - bridal headpiece accessory Cloisonne Bangle Cherry Blossoms Enamel Black Pink Blue Flowers Chinese Asian Oriental Sakura Vintage - 2448
Cherry Blossom Drop - Plum Blossom, Bridesmaid Gifts, Dainty and Delicate jewelry, Sakura, Metalsmithing, Spring Wedding jewelry cherry blossom gift tin set of 10
Spring Cherry Blossoms Wall Art Print Yellow Citrine Modern Home Decor Papercut Ketubah - Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossom Tree, Nature Photography,  Botanical Photography,  Baby Nursery, Home Decor, Fine Art Photography 8x10 inches - "Serendipity" New Cherry Blossom Kimono Baby or Toddler Dress size Newborn-18M
Summer In Bloom II  - A Bright Orange Sakura Flower with Howlite Gemstone Beads Earrings.  Cheerful. Summer. Gifts for Mom Grand Sakura Kanzashi
Counted Cross stitch Pattern PDF. Cherry Blossom. Includes easy beginner instructions. Vintage-Inspired Cherry Blossom Gift/Wish Tree
pencils made with japanese paper - set of 10 in a gift box - patchwork sakura Naruto - Sakura Button
{each photo links to its shop}


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