Tuesday, April 29, 2008

tinarie21 (aka sweet b papers): boutonnieres plus

{ red seersucker pillow }

{ vintage pink and cream boutonniere }

lovely and original style: sweet, unusual combinations of flowers, ribbons, charms, and buttons make up delightful boutonnieres for the gentlemen, and there are a selection of feminine and frilly garters and ring-bearer pillows as well as some other treats for you. contact sweet b to request your custom items -- colors, flowers, etc. -- so very ladylike, so *not* stuffy.

Orange Fall BoutonniereRoyal Blue and White Ring Bearer Pillow
Black and White Ring Bearer PillowBlack Stripe Boutonniere
Deep Purple and Silver BoutonnierePurple and Cream Ring Bearer Pillow
more at tinarie21.etsy.com

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

carolinableu: austin + jewels = yes please

{ white oaks }

carolinableu's earrings appeared (conveniently enough!) in all their golden oaky glory in the etsy mini feed from the wedding gift guide -- who am i to resist?

her profile was the clincher -- let's see: austin? check. vintage obsession? yes. never leaves house without camera? sounds familiar. "walking contradiction"? sister! but oh. growing up with horses and rivers in the hill country? that was the childhood *i* ordered. that's ok, it's on layaway... something to look *forward* to. :)

long story short: chris, let me know when you're passing through town. i think we may be long-lost cousins.

the earrings above can be customized in rose quartz, flourite, smoky quartz, carnelian & new jade -- might make a nice bridal party set with a different stone for each? the "clever girl" earrings (middle left, below) can also be customized with different stones. lovely gifts abound. hooray for austin!

rain rain go away...reserved for amoaanais
clever girl urban ginko
loved onesopal nouveau
more at carolinableu.etsy.com or check out her blog

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

kristinemays: letters and numbers

the letter F
{ the letter F }

here's a fine idea (courtesy of etsy's front page, thank you very much!) for a great little accent. kristinemays 4x6" handmade wire sculptures could be your initial by the cake, or used in a set as table numbers, or could spell out a word or two -- or might be a fun gift! they do just fine outside (and if left out permanently will patina nicely over time).

one of the best details (i think!) is that they're made of the same wire used to mend fences. sweet. (a little fence-mending wire would have come in handy at my family's events! as in: "sit there and be nice to each other, or i will wire you all to your chairs." mercifully they all did fine without. :)

she also does larger sculptures as well (check out the shoes and the dresses on her blog), or you may have seen her work if you're from the SF bay area... neat!

lovethe letter C
joynumber two
number 3the letter A
more at kristinemays.etsy.com


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