Saturday, June 30, 2007

ecklectic: wedding album

Ecru Linen Wedding Album with Burgundy Satin Ribbon
ecru linen wedding album with burgundy satin ribbon

lovely and simple and unfussy -- even with the foofy satin bow, and i'm not usually a foofy-bow sort of girl. perhaps they custom-make? hardbound embossed album with 50 archival pages, each with a glassine overlay (fancy!). the font is... (come on font nerds...) futura??
i say futura. sweet! more options at

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

atelierkanawa: kimono hairpin

vintage kimono plum-blossom long hairpin

back to serious posts. something blue! and funky and long and dangly. visit atelier kanawa's store to read more on the dying art of tsumami, or fabric "pinching", practiced in japan since the early 1600s. tsumami kanzashi, flower combs and hairpins, can be worn in weddings and sound like a lovely tradition.

the two tiny bells ring as you walk -- or if you prefer stealth to the altar, you can detach the long strands and wear the flower alone. also available in cherry blossom or chrysanthemum to match the season; a very educational lesson on the stages of geisha and more at

weekly DBA: intimate moments

this week's david's bridal award: the intimate moments sheet cover

yes, it is what you think it is. "for love's messy moments."

a part of me thinks it not entirely a bad idea...
just... so... well... ...hmmph.
stumped what to say. another DBA for you.
(what's a DBA?)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

sparklepants: let's move in together card

u-ready? greeting card

inside says: "i am." cute! let's move in together. one thought -- not that any gents would be reading the etsywedding blog, but gents, as it were, please note this is *not* a proposal card. sort of like that scene in that so-bad-i-can't-think-of-the-name-and-only-saw-it-in-edited-for-tv- version movie with chris o'donnell where he asks the girl to marry him by saying he feels like it's time to sh*! or get off the pot. noooooo no no. bad robin! bad! more at

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

preciousmeshes: silver mesh ring

Ring - Mesh 1A
hand-crocheted oxidized silver mesh ring

so so pretty and unusual! crocheted with *one* doubled strand of fine silver wire; the doubling makes the structure stronger and better. "kind of a good metaphor for a successful relationship," says emily: "an especially symbolic gift for a partner."

rings and other lovelies, many made to order; available in various widths, oxidized or left bright -- more at

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

seelou: customized journals

multi-striped japanese print story journal

Grass Green Allure
grass green allure story journal

"there are two sides to every story." and so begins a lovely idea for your friends of a documentary bent: customized handmade journals with space for a couple to each write their own memories and views on ten topics, details of the bridal shower/wedding day, plus a family tree, photo pages, and room for notes over 5-year spans through the 25th anniversary and beyond. neat!

as seelou says. "there's power and meaning in the story of how two people met... and that's worth telling over and over again." more at

Thursday, June 14, 2007

beth bee: blank recipe book

Blank Recipe Book

please don't tell anyone. yes, i clip recipes, ok?? it's not like i actually *make* them or cook or anything. jeez. it would just be, you know, nice. to have a place for my, um, clips. check out

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

hapa: silver origami cranes

silver origami peace crane (tsuru) pendants in progress

my friend ali had us fold dozens of peace cranes for her wedding, and here hapa makes them into truly lovely and meaningful silver pendants and earrings for bridal gifts and sets --
according to hapa, cranes recur in "Japanese weddings, wedding kimonos and Japanese wedding decorations ... cranes mate for life and are devoted to their partners in all seasons. Both males and females work together to build their nest and care for their young." long life, peace, happiness, eternal youth: sounds like a fine toast for the reception. more at

Fine Silver Metalgami (Origami) Peace Crane (Tsuru) Pendant on a Sterling Silver NecklaceOrigami Sea Turtle (Honu) Pendant and Necklace, EJA
RESERVED for STARBIRD - Sailing Away - Catamaran Pendant (Metal Origami Sculpture on a Sterling Silver Necklace)Origami Crane (Tsuru) Drop Earrings - Fine Silver Cranes hanging from Sterling Silver Posts (Metalgami)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

heatherjeany: gocco-screenprinted invitations

Custom gocco screenprinted thank you cards-RESERVED FOR VIRGINIA
custom gocco-screenprinted invitations

gorgeous, gorgeous. and unusual! gocco makes letterpress seem conservative. (and these are so ridiculously reasonable, i hang my head with shame at the thermography on my sister's invitations.) custom-designed in styles from more traditional letterpress-look to sweet indie lovebirds above, heatherjeany also hand-screens thank-you notes and save-the-dates, and has glowing reviews from a number of brides. check out her mix-tape stationery -- brilliant. more at

Saturday, June 2, 2007

figsandginger: metalsmithed jewelry

sterling bird on a wire necklace

another sentimental post: not only does rhonda of figs and ginger have talent in spades, she also has what sounds like a ridiculously fun marriage to musician elijah -- each has their own etsy store, a shared etsy store, and, where they donate 10% of proceeds to charity.

that's the "for better" -- the for worse part is elijah is going in this month for a kidney transplant. was just minding my own business, shopping along, and came across the evidence of a bright young marriage struggling with a tough time, and it really struck me -- so i thought a great gift for a bride-to-be would be rhonda's heirloom-quality bird on a wire necklace. for me, the precarious balance speaks to the immense fragility and immense strength of happiness, the work it takes to find and keep love, and the fleeting moments we share and should hold on to. making myself tear up a little.

the best of wishes and good health to rhonda and elijah! more at,, and


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