Friday, December 21, 2007

beadifulthings: pearl hairpins

wedding belles -- white swarovski pearl gold flower hairpins

you could say i'm on a hairpin jag -- these are simpler than the haircombs of an earlier post, and look smashing on the bride above. i happen to also like them in the darker pearl, or the shell flowers for a beach wedding, along with some great jewelry below:

Wedding Belles - Swarovski Pearl Fire Polished Czech Glass Bead Hair Pins (Set of 3)Beaches - Shell Carved Flower Hair Pins (Set of 3)
Sublime Vine - Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Carnelian EarringsCaviar - Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl 30 Inch Necklace
Wedding Belles - Creamy Swarovski Pearl Hair Pins (Set of 5)Cherry Blossoms - Sterling Silver Vintage German Glass Earrings
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Thursday, December 20, 2007

pistachiopress: letterpress invites

custom letterpress wedding invitation sets

beautiful work, from the few samples on etsy -- priced accordingly, but true letterpress is so... hmm, what's the right word? so tactile, so textured, so delicious. the color choices and combinations are inspired. she also prints *beautiful* occasion and no-occasion cards, a few samples below. more delights from rochester at

Beautiful red pattern, letterpress greeting card SETLetterpress greeting card, blue birds
Yellow berries, letterpress card SETChevy Station Wagon, letterpress card
Screen-printed cards, Say Anything eighties themeLetterpress Print, deer with flowers and bird

Sunday, December 16, 2007

deliasthompson: inspiring custom silver

set of three customized sterling stackable rings

deliasthompson was a featured etsy seller a while back and i was so taken by her gorgeous and unique hammered rings and bracelets. each of the three sterling rings above can be stamped with up to 37 characters of a quote, poem, or what-have-you, and they can be stacked or worn as singles.

i love that the "meaning" of these rings is somewhat hidden when worn -- they would make a powerful, beautiful gift for the bride or her sister/lady-of-honor, or even inscribed with vows as an amazing non-traditional wedding band. seems especially appropriate for women who love words -- the literate bride, if you will ;)

two-sided custom inspirational sterling bangle

the bracelets can take longer quotes and poems, up to 120 characters for *each* side -- again, such a beautiful and personal gift. one of the best things about etsy -- the ability to connect with someone who can make a completely customized work of art, just for you.

if these aren't currently offered for sale in her shop just check the "sold" items to see more photos, or send her a note. the bracelets would be great to give each member of the bridal party -- they come in a standard 2.5" size but can be made larger or smaller as needed. also, check out the one specifically for a sister, with a lovely and moving poem by the artist.

based in atlanta, delia also makes some amazing filigree jewelry -- more below, or at

One of a Kind Sterling Silver and 18K DragonflyI Will Never Forget Who I Am Sliver Necklace
Sterling Sunrise Cascade Hoops Reserved for shalulaFiligree Drum ring in Sterling

more adventures of the unmarried

hello all -- apologies *again* for the long, unanticipated delay. had a jewelry sale last weekend in boston, and ran into an unexpected ex-boyfriend drama that for a time *greatly* changed my 100% amicable warm friendly feelings mentioned in an earlier post. silly men.

so i had a crazy week at work, took a little time, contemplated my options, and decided in a flash of what *may* be maturity or delusion: it's ultimately not that big a deal. it wasn't meant to be. everything happens for a reason and a purpose, no?

etsy wedding friends, all the more reason to celebrate when love *does* work out. life is complicated -- best to try and retain some grace and kindness in the face of strange events. it will sound crazy, but i wish them the best.

thanks for letting me get that off my chest -- back to the business at hand. :)

Monday, December 3, 2007

umbrellaheaven: umbrellas + parasols

the classic white umbrella

i *cannot* believe that someone knows how to actually hand-make an umbrella from scratch. yet another amazing etsy moment. i mean, i guess at some point in the past they were *all* made by hand... but really? a hand-made umbrella?? for only sixty-two dollars, including shipping from the UK?? (within the UK, it's listed for $35, which as we know these days converts to, what, five pounds? maybe less. ;)

the brothers umbrellaheaven also make parasols, satin brollies, and perhaps custom frills or trim to dress yours up. perfect for a scorching sunny june day as well!

The Midnight BlueLoretta
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

gurlygirl: hair combs

pearl + leaf branch bridal hair comb

a glorious statement instead of a veil -- an heirloom-quality comb hand-fashioned from sterling silver with two real pearls. new orleans–based artist monique leon crafts several different styles and can make multiples and custom sets. plus check out the mistletoe one below for the holidays -- imagine the kisses! the sun would never set on your empire of kiss.
Leaves and Branches Hair Comb BridalMISTLETOE HAIRPIN
Daisy flower bouquet ring sterlingQueen Anns Hair Combs Bridal
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