Wednesday, November 28, 2007

earrings! a sampler

Blast Earrings in Crystal Quartz and Shell -- Beautiful for a wedding or for any day
moonrox's blast earrings in crystal quartz and shell

it's late, so here are a tiny sampling of delicious earrings i've been hoarding for just such an occasion -- each is linked to its respective store. enjoy!

Lagoon Chalcedony Drop EarringsLeaves - ( Icy Hot )
ScarletSterling Ovals and Pearls
Moonstone beaded hoop earringsBaby Leaves - Pearl
Bronze Pineapple Earringsitsy-bitsy---freshwater pearl earrings
Halo Earrings- Golden Shell Circles on Vintaj Natural Brass EarwiresPrehnite and carnelian cluster earrings in 14K goldfill

Monday, November 26, 2007

invitapaperstudio: thank you cards

thank you! very much. folded set of 6 cards

seriously. thank you! these sweet cards are hand printed both inside and out, with lovely matching envelopes, and can be purchased in multiples. lots of lovely choices! more at

So Nice of You- Thank You cards set of 6The Bakers recipe card- Set of 12

ah yes. where was i?

hello friends -- am back! after many travels. hope all of you u.s. readers enjoyed your thanksgiving holidays -- i headed straight for my sister's, now that she is respectably married, and "helped" in the kitchen. by staying out of it, that is. she made pies from scratch. mmm.

and, since she's not a reader, i can tell you all i managed to scrape up enough to get the artisan stand mixer i wanted to get them for the wedding but couldn't swing at the time. hooray! wrapped for xmas and in her guest-bedroom even now. yuppie registries, unite! here's to many more delicious thanksgivings to come.

i could tell a number of heart-warming holiday tales -- interventions, 4 a.m. mall outings, etc. -- but will skip it and head for the goods, which is why you're here. right!

my sincerest thanks for everyone's well-wishes and patience while i took time off. here's my sister in her element:
happy happy!

Monday, November 12, 2007

gamiworks: chiyogami coasters

branching out - chiyogami and glass coasters/ ashtrays
branching out: chiyogami and glass coasters

here's a lovely housewarming or shower gift -- beautiful, feminine- without-being-frou-frou chiyogami paper and glass coasters, which could also double as ashtrays were your hostess so inclined.

gamiworks makes a fantastic range of equally lovely giftables:
calming - glass and chiyogami dogtag necklace pendantgamiwicks - candle votives in emerald green and white Japanese chiyogami
glass thumb tacks featuring chiyogamimoody blues - chiyogami and glass coasters/ ashtrays
more at

with thanks

hello etsy wedding fans -- a little note to first of all thank *all* of you for reading and for supporting all the amazing indie designers and crafters on etsy --

and second, to let you know i'll be taking a bit of time off over the next week or two. my boyfriend and i have just called it off after two turbulent but great years, mostly long-distance after i had to move for my job. and while i'm certainly not down on love or angry -- we still love each other very much -- i plan on taking a break from weddings for a bit.

i started this blog by accident. partly because my sister was getting married and i couldn't believe how much bad wedding crap was in the world (!), and partly because i was so inspired by what etsy folks had to offer and saw a connection to be made -- i *love* highlighting the community and trying to spread the word --

but i have continued it, to my surprise, because i like the sense of hope and love and promise, and the thought of so many people embarking on brilliant new adventures together. joy can be addictive that way.

here's one more post for now. i'll be back.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

bombalurina+enso: jewels

perfect storm earrings: kyanite and sterling

bombalurina is my first of a series of jewelry highlights, not just because she makes *gorgeous* things -- she's also a two-for-one, with complementary etsy stores divided into "more is more" and "less is more" aesthetics.

bombalurina features funky, colorful, often ornate costume jewels with sass. those pictured below are some of the more conservative pieces:
To Bring You My Love - gold filled necklace brass sparrow green amethystFever or a flame - carnelian, lemon quatz and sterling earrings - bomba-luxe
Tria earrings - vintage glass and sterlingDragonfly Dreams earrings - brass goldfill and prasiolite

her "modernist alter ego" store enso is stripped-down simplicity, slightly more luxe, still with an eye for color:
AAA rutilated quartz and sterling silver beadwoven necklace - silk and sterlingCrystal Honey bracelet - citrine and gold filled vermeil clasp
Bayou Ring - prehnite and sterlingMoon Ladder earrings - sterling and lemon quartz

more at and

Saturday, November 3, 2007

foundling: poppy pins

Recycled Silky Poppy Pin--Ivory
recycled silky poppy pin in ivory

wow. i *love* this shop! came across foundling while looking at vendors for the handmade market in raleigh (took place today), which i applied to but didn't get in (no sour grapes!) -- everyone's stuff is so inspiring!

betsy of foundling makes treasures from vintage + repurposed/recycled materials, a pastime very close to my heart -- the poppy pins above come in a glorious range of colors (love the idea of a red one on the big white dress, or red bobby pin poppies in the hair). (or one at the waist to jazz up plain bridesmaid dresses.) plus there's beautiful delicate resin jewelry using vintage papers and maps. so, so lovely. le sigh. wish i could have seen them in person today!

more at or check out

Recycled Poppy Bobbypin--Redcoastline posts
circa necklacemoonlight earrings
aegean earringsRecycled Saffron Poppy Pin

Thursday, November 1, 2007

myhodgepodgerie: tissue cover

my favorite sneezies pocket kleenex case

here's a little thing, but so sweet: fill with a pocket pack of tissues and give to a mum or mum-in-law (or overbearing bridesmaidzilla sister who sniffles through your entire wedding video) (, sorry, april!) for the ceremony. a sneezies. even the name is adorable. i know, i've gone soft.

more overwhelming cuteness at


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