Saturday, July 24, 2010

etsy vintage and handmade platinum wedding bands

Circle of Leaves
{ circle of leaves vintage platinum eternity band }

i am so in love with this ring, but it's not my size. maybe it was meant to be yours?

so much to say about vintage and handmade rings! and yet i'm on the run, and sorry again for the wedding-that-has-eaten-this-blog. it's not that it's not FUN, you know, just... SOON.

some of these are vintage/one-of-a-kind, and others can be made to order in your size.

Antique Platinum Sapphire Eternity Band Wedding Ring Size 6 Circa 1920 Five Diamond Platinum Wedding Ring
1920s Platinum Diamond and Emerald Ring Circa 1930 diamond and platinum half eternity band
SZ 8 Antique Platinum Wedding Band Ring 2.9 mm Rare 2.5mm half round wedding band / stacking ring in platinum
Sale Simple Platinum Band 7mm pipe band -- made to order in platinum or gold
Personalised Fingerprint Ring. Your print hand engraved on a 5mm wide 950 platinum ring. 18K White Gold Svea
Platinum Chubby Soft Square Platinum and diamond Anniversary Band
{each photo links to its shop}

Monday, July 12, 2010

there *is* a patron saint of wedding procrastinators...

St Expedite Medal - Patron saint of procrastinators and merchants - Hand cast in fine silver
{ hand-cast st. expedite medal by rosamystica }

my readers, i am sorry to have been away so long. i will come back soon. i also promise, as my VERY NEXT POST, the winner of the giveaway that i never managed to post before i went on unintended vacation/hiatus. this blog is something i do between the hours of 10pm and 2am, and i thank you all for your extreme patience as i ramp back up on my labor of love.

in the meantime, i learned something amazing while searching for "procrastination" on etsy -- did you know there is a (possibly apocryphal) saint expeditus, patron saint of procrastinators and people needing speedy solutions to problems? i had NO IDEA. all these years. for any of you wayward brides like myself, this has its appeal.

up soon, a longish meta-entry this week writing about not writing about my wedding. and maybe (gasp!) some etsy items! and i have a fabulous giveaway or two waiting in the wings, if i can get my act together, ship a magazine, and find out what freaking length dress my fiance's mother is wearing so my mom will stop sending me 26 and counting photos of options for her dress. ma. i love you.

for now, my dears, let me take a moment of awed silence for all of you who are planning your weddings in a sane and structured way, and a moment of YOU CAN DO IT for those of you (like me) who are boshing this together as best you know how, with love.


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