Tuesday, May 25, 2010

calling vegas photographers!

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas print (state2)
{ welcome to fabulous las vegas print by toucanne }

anyone know of (or are you!) a photographer willing to come meet us for an hour on thursday or friday *this week* for an engagement shoot in vegas?

(mom, we're not eloping, i swear!)

similar to my boston post, which is how we met the amazing emily sterne, for your time and trouble i can offer you a permanent text link on the blog, a post about you and the experience, and dinner if you'd like it!

we're nice people, i promise. let me know in comments or etsywedding (at) gmail, and thanks everyone for your help with this last-minute idea!


viva las vegas!

Deposit - Vegas Poker Chip Wedding Invitation (Pocket Fold) THE CLUB -EARRINGS WITH SEA FOAM BLUE CHALCEDONY 
Las Vegas and Junket Pink Heart Paper Punches - Hand Punched from 1970s Game Money 1.1/4 inch Darbyshire Feathered Ivory Cloche
Hand Calligraphy Envelope Addressing, The Las Vegas Style PINK LADY - CORSET COSTUME -Moulin Rouge Circus Burlesque Showgirl -FREE MINI TOP HAT size S, M, L, XL 
Mini Birdcage Veil - Gold Metallic or Silver Metallic Personalize Your Wings and FLY Necklace
Retro Vegas Chairs Lucky in Love - Elopement Announcement - Sample
Hoyle Official -Vintage Playing Card Earrings Sin 5x5 Fine Art Photo
{each photo links to its shop}

hello all -- i apologize for being MIA. we shipped the magazine at work, and now i'm at a work conference (i swear!) in las vegas. my first time back since my sister's wedding in '07, which was the reason i started this blog in the first place. so much has changed in my life and hers since then.

more on that when i don't have an *8am* meeting. cruelty, thy name is vegas work conference.

in the meantime, i've been a bad blogger. i owe you results for the watercolor map giveaway, and i have amazing photography and jewelry giveaways on deck if i can get myself organized. thank you as always for your patience! much to do and see, and more soon!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

so happy together

Happy Vintage Champagne/Martini Goblet - Set of Two
{ set of two "happy" vintage champagne glasses by annietwobraids }

sorry for the lag in posting,  i've been happily:
  • shipping a magazine
  • buying (and returning) (and reordering) a wedding dress (!)
  • entertaining an dear friend in town for the weekend
  • carboloading
  • running the capitol hill classic 10k (!!)
and... we booked a venue and have a date. america! F*#! yeah!

blogging will be slow this week due to day job, but i promise to post the custom watercolor map giveaway results.

thanks for reading!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

dramatic felted florals: crafts2cherish

Allure -White Rose Felt Necklace-Choker-Hand Felted From Wool
{ allure white rose hand-felted choker }

ohhh. i saw another item from crafts2cherish's shop on etsy's front page tonight, and would you look at these flowers?? they are stunning: romantic and feminine. the wool is hand-dyed, hand-carded, and hand-felted in dublin ireland.

Afternoon delight-Peach and Pink Floral Headband-Hand Felted From Wool Very Berry Necklace Hand Felted From wool 
Mademoiselle Pink,Felt Flower Brooch, Hand Felted,Large Size Oli Felt  Flower Necklace-Hand Felted in French Pink
Delicate White Hand Felted Flower Necklace Deep Red Rose Necklace -Lariat
Bright Yellow Flower Brooch - Hand Felted From Wool-Size Large Pink Roses Necklace Hand felted From wool 
more at crafts2cherish.etsy.com

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

quick peek: personal

i owe you guys an explanation of why there's been nary a peep about my own wedding on here -- it's kind of a funny story, sorta -- there *has* been progress!

i was using tumblr to share a few ideas over the last few months with my sister, although there aren't many posts -- anyway, here's a peek into my formerly secret tumblog:
nopath.tumblr.com -- password: etsywedding

nothing too earthshaking, but i will pop my ideas in there as they arrive...
thank you all for reading!

ericabstudios: wedding tutorials for DIYers

Make Your Own Boutonnieres PDF Tutorial
{ "make your own boutonniere" pdf tutorial }

i discovered ericabstudios through her lovely gardenia hair flower, see below, but came away intrigued by her boutonniere and birdcage veil tutorials, all sent as pdf instructions on how to make the lovely items you see here, and thought i'd share with you all.

i love the idea of making my own... i can follow simple instructions... maybe? these tutorials don't break the bank, and there's no shipping cost. tempting...

How to Make A Birdcage Veil Tutorial - Free Wearing Tips Guide Included. Gardenia Chic Hair Clip 
Quick and Easy No Sew Tutu PDF Tutorial Zipper Flower PDF Tutorial eBook 
Make Your Own Boutonnieres PDF Tutorial Flower Paperweight and Sachet PDF Tutorial eBook
for more info, see ericabstudios.etsy.com

Thursday, May 6, 2010

lady gaga gets etsy wed

Spectacular Dazzling Grand Entrance.  smashing pearly angel jewel beaded cream and silver ball gown Gorgeous and striking black and white headpiece/hat
Leopard Disco Ball Bra Lady Gaga inspired gold and lace sunglasses. 
The COUGAR in u..... Le Couture Bridal Hat 
Lady Catherine Golden Ash 
Rock-A-Blockas Studded Bustier Gold Steampunk Fashion Circus Ringmaster Romantic Boudoir Cabaret Burlesque Pinup Strapless Backless Black Basque Boned Cinch Corset xs Rock Star Avant Garde Luxe Embellished Stud Metal Armor Studs Fashionista xxs Trophy One of a Kind 
Lightning Strikes Twice Earrings Good Morning Jacket 
GIANT Futuristic Swarovski Crystal Cocktail Ring - fierce style huge kitsch camp Black stretch D ring and Velvet Laced Corset thumbhole Gloves
Genuine Black Leather and Gold Spikes Cuff Bracelet Spring has Sprung
{each photo links to its shop}

i saw the dress on the top left in vintage and thought:
*gaga* would wear this.

voila: a little inspiration.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

last day extension! enter the custom watercolor map giveaway

ok, i forgot to remind everyone that today was the last day to enter, so if you were thinking of it, one more day: please do! i have *loved* reading everyone's invitation stories -- thank you all so much for sharing.


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