Wednesday, July 8, 2009

wedding DIY contest, updates, et cetera

loellamedina Jacky Earrings- Summer 2009 Collection
{ vanessa's pick: jacky earrings by loellamedina }

yesterday's etsy finds email, "my american gothic wedding", expands on vanessa + mickey's wedding posted last week, with vanessa delving into all the etsy details -- it is seriously wonderful. great ideas, and lots of etsy sellers to check out!

also, may be old news since i've been away but just in case, etsy and are running a great DIY wedding photo contest where you can submit photos of your wedding crafts. see the site to enter through september 1, 2009, or get more info and rules -- MSW is featuring the best photos online, and your craft might just get featured on martha's show.

also, check out the slideshow with's favorite etsy crafters. so much etsy love! here are links to a few also featured on etsy wedding: 5eizen, blanca monros gomez, the english dept. and enjibeck.

i just so happened across this great-sounding contest at hiphostess -- win four beautiful kiwi green pashmina shawls, enter by july 31.

finally, my disclaimer du jour: the day job is once again trying to swallow me, so please be patient with posting this week and next.

just for fun, here are some of the etsy crafters picked by
You Choose 100 Millalove Cupcake Toppers White Matte Bottle Collection
dainty diamond band No. 5M Hand Calligraphy Self inking STAMP (M size 2.5x1)
Custom Made Guestbook / Album- light pea sprout print La lagune
{each photo links to its shop}


  1. Thanks for sharing! We posted our weekly Etsy Wednesday post if you care to take a look :)

  2. Good suggestions. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm a bit delayed in looking at this, but yum-o! I love your picks as usual. ;)

  4. very nice selection. Love the colourful shot of the fiery gemstones by LOELLAMEDINA

  5. Did anyone hear about the free luxury wedding in NJ? My local mall Bridgewater Commons is actually hosting some sort of event to audition for a free luxury wedding from Roman Jewelers. I just checked out the website Looks really amazing. My husband and I are going to try to win it to renew our vows! Anyway wanted to share it with you all. Wedding rings, dress, and other jewelry is included. Here is the direct registration link

  6. Sorry I came across this a little late, but I love the shot of the jewels!

  7. thanks for posting this..thanks for sharing..

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