Wednesday, August 12, 2009

hello strangers + sneak peek!

photo by emily sterne

hello everyone -- how goes?

here is where i try to distract you by posting an illicit sneak peek at the boston elopement photos (which i am in love with -- can't wait to show you more!)

ehm.... it has been a dog's age. i owe you one. a few, really.


  1. Is there a reason only two sentences or show in the RSS feed of the Etsy blog? I would love to follow it but if I can't get it in Google Reader, I honestly won't get around to reading it.

    Not sure if this was a conscious decision or if you just didn't realize...

  2. Bleagh, it was supposed to say "two sentences or so show".

  3. Yay! Welcome back!

    OK - since you "owe us" - I could REALLY use your expertise on groom style (my man likes skinny ties) AND I need to find a frilly cocktail dress for our reception (under $400, please), 'cause I want to dance!

    Thank you! Thank you!

  4. withdrawls had set in...where ya been?? Need more....

    Welcome back!

  5. thanks for writing everyone!

    Meredith, i hear your frustration. a year or so ago i found sites were scraping my posts and reposting them as fresh content, so i limited the rss. am happy for relinks, but for someone else to claim my work made me a little irritable. plus i'd rather people see the original as i've laid it out, but understand folks is busy.

    let's try full feed and see what happens.

    all best, everyone!

  6. Thanks for reconsidering the RSS. I can understand your concerns over scraping -- people are so rude. Anyway, am grateful to have the full feed for as long as it lasts. Crossing my fingers :)


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