Thursday, September 17, 2009

kelly + vince elope to boston

emily sterne photography do not reproduce without permission
all photos by the amazing emily sterne

at long last: photos!

my dear friends eloped to boston two months ago and married each other in the public garden. it was ridiculously sane. his friend robbie performed the ceremony, and i carried rings and teetered on heels like it was my job. (it was.)

however, since i am the original bridesmaidzilla (see also: starting wedding blog when planning sister's wedding), it couldn't be too hard to complicate a simple elopement. right?

i thought: kelly and vince both love art and photography... we had to find a photographer to document this! yes! and posted an incredibly last-minute note to see if anyone wanted to join the adventure in exchange for a post on the experience. and that's how we found emily sterne, who I must tell you is a treasure. (thank you, thank you, thank you, emily! your time and your beautiful images are the best gift i could have hoped for for my friends.)

from the beginning, emily was gracious, generous, flexible, and patient -- but what i hadn't expected was how genuinely excited and moved she was to take part, and how much *fun* we all had.

in a way i don't want to tell too much of that day, you can see how wonderful it all was from emily's photos. everything was simple and straightforward -- flowers from the copley square farmers' market, the public garden "reserved" at 4:30, pick out a spot to meet, have a best friend as minister for the day (MA allows), and then -- dress up, look gorgeous, and change your life. it makes me teary thinking about it even now, how profound and good the minutes in these photos were.

it has taken me a long time to post this maybe because it was so uncomplicated, and i just haven't known how to say how much i feel about it -- it was such a private, beautiful thing. these are my beloved friends, and i was so honored and overwhelmed with gratitude to them, to share a part of this new beginning. i brim with cliche, and wish i could do it more justice. the photos tell the story. :)

for those of you dying for more details, let me know what questions you have. and if you are looking for a truly wonderful, sane, lovely, talented boston photographer, emily sterne has my highest recommendation -- and my deepest thanks for taking a risk and volunteering her time on an otherwise normal july day. you can see more info on her site

thank you emily! and thank you kelly + vince, for inviting me into these photos -- am sending all my love.
please see emily's blog for more photos from the shoot!


  1. this looked absolutely perfect and has me completely and totally jealous. 9 days to go and the reason i most can't wait is b/c i want the stress to be gone. and be married to my best friend of course, but we could have done without all of the drama and stress. :)

  2. What an amazing day! Thank you for sharing!

    Do you happen to know who her gown is by? I absolutely love it.

  3. it really was the perfect day. we were very lucky to have the etsy wedding queen (my sweet sweet friend) and robby there with us. emily was the most amazing photographer. she was fun, relaxed, professional, and captured all of our precious moments.

    my dress was BCBG, and it only cost $225! i tried it on one day on a whim while shopping. it fit perfectly and i felt pretty, so i went with it! i love that it cost less than half the clothes in my closet!

  4. this is lovely! i really like the last picture!

  5. Such beautiful photos... and I'm relieved that she only has an MOH and no bridesmaids. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for doing the same, ha! While I'm here reading your lovely blog, would you like to exchange links? I just started a vintagey wedding blog called Tulle Box. Yours, Elissa.

  6. the photos are beautiful, and i'm really glad you had a great time. but, i'm not sure about this whole planning an elopment thing...the concept of eloping to me, is that it should be spontaneous and free-spirited and without stress. the organzational level of this 'elopement' was far closer to that of a wedding, by my standards

  7. I love garden weddings. It just feels so romantic.

  8. Wow! That brought tears to my eyes! Simply beautiful.

  9. kate, i hear what you're saying -- definitely a valid point. yet an elopement in MA requires a 3-day waiting period for the license -- not exactly spontaneous. everyone has their own standards -- compared to the plan that involved a chateau in the loire valley and flying family in from all over the world, this was an elopement for this couple.

    also, "elope" is easier to type than "have-a-tiny-4-person-wedding-on-really-short-notice" so it may just be my laziness or my own romanticizing to be blamed for the shorthand. whatever it was, it was teensy and low-key and really fun!

    eloping can be whatever you want it to be. there's a whole website full of ideas even --

    all best wishes to everyone!

  10. Caught lovely moments. lovely couple.

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  11. Absolutely, incredibly stunning. I love every shot.

  12. What a beautiful couple. Very stylish photography :)

  13. Oh my lord, how beautiful. Why the heck didn't I do this?! It is so simple and wonderful!

  14. Gorgeous! I love the Boston Public Garden. What a beautiful idea!

  15. I have to agree with sK and Krista Beth...why didn't I do this? Our wedding is this Sunday, and even though we are pretty relaxed about it, I also could have done without the minimal stress! This wedding is honestly the most beautiful I have's genuine.

    And hello! MOH! That shade of blue on you is STUNNING!

  16. This is a gorgeous wedding! Did the couple have to get permission from anyone in order to pull this off in the Public Garden? I'm planning a similar "non-elopement" elopement myself and would love to know if they had to have any permits or advance permission.


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