Thursday, June 3, 2010

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plumprettysugar Kimono Style Robe.  Ankle Length.  Pink Love Poppy.
{ kimono style robe by plumprettysugar }

ladies, got back from L.A. on the redeye yesterday and this morning had LASIK, so i am *literally* on the redeye as we speak. but i can see my laptop, and this fine blog. without my glasses. which i have worn since i was 8. holy sh*t.

so much to catch up on, i know. the inbox is bursting.
more soon!

in the meantime, would you look at this gorgeousness? plumprettysugar reminds me of the absolutely perfect socal days i just left. i am seriously thinking about registering for one of her robes. she also has amazing bridal party sets -- kimonos, headbands, jewelry carriers -- lovely.

Kimono Style Robe.  Knee Length.  Darling Jardin Bleu. Pillow Shams King. Various Prints.
Bridesmaid Set. 4 Headbands/Scarfbands. Fitted Caftan.  Pink Love Poppy
Lounge Short. Pink Love Poppy. Bridesmaid Set of  5 Knee Length Kimono Robes. Assorted Prints.
Jewelry/Cosmetic Bloom. Darling Jardin Bleu. Scarfband/Headband. Silk Road Sweet.
Tank.  Dreams In Paisley. Bridesmaid Set of 4 Knee Length Robes and Lounge Pants.
for more info see


  1. woohoo no glasses! i'd love to get lasik but money and fear hold me back.

  2. very pretty I'm gonna check it out.

    How was the LASIK? I went for a consultation and chickened out after I heard about the flap and possible wrinkles in the flap. How'd you do? any pain? anything weird you might want to share? Sorry I'm really curious to hear from someone who actually had it. thanks! : )

    ps I've been wearing glasses since I was 7 so I know how you feel and how exciting it must be to be reading WITHOUT glasses!

  3. thanks so much for this! plumprettysugar HAS exactly the something special i was looking for for my bridesmaids!!!

  4. Oh wow, these are absolutely gorgeous! I love the rich tones of each piece.


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