Monday, July 12, 2010

there *is* a patron saint of wedding procrastinators...

St Expedite Medal - Patron saint of procrastinators and merchants - Hand cast in fine silver
{ hand-cast st. expedite medal by rosamystica }

my readers, i am sorry to have been away so long. i will come back soon. i also promise, as my VERY NEXT POST, the winner of the giveaway that i never managed to post before i went on unintended vacation/hiatus. this blog is something i do between the hours of 10pm and 2am, and i thank you all for your extreme patience as i ramp back up on my labor of love.

in the meantime, i learned something amazing while searching for "procrastination" on etsy -- did you know there is a (possibly apocryphal) saint expeditus, patron saint of procrastinators and people needing speedy solutions to problems? i had NO IDEA. all these years. for any of you wayward brides like myself, this has its appeal.

up soon, a longish meta-entry this week writing about not writing about my wedding. and maybe (gasp!) some etsy items! and i have a fabulous giveaway or two waiting in the wings, if i can get my act together, ship a magazine, and find out what freaking length dress my fiance's mother is wearing so my mom will stop sending me 26 and counting photos of options for her dress. ma. i love you.

for now, my dears, let me take a moment of awed silence for all of you who are planning your weddings in a sane and structured way, and a moment of YOU CAN DO IT for those of you (like me) who are boshing this together as best you know how, with love.


  1. Glad you're back. I need that saint pendant. xo.

  2. Hi, I got your comment on my blog and sent you an email. Just wanted to make sure you got it since I haven't heard back. And thanks so much, I am so excited about the map!! :D

  3. Thanks so much for including my shop on your blog. I love this little St Expedite medal and also carry a larger one in sterling silver. I guess you could get the small one if you're procrastinating a little, and the bigger one if you're procrastinating a lot!

  4. Wow!! I can totally relate to that mother-i-love-you/length of dress/26 emails/14 phone calls to figure it out thing!! Thanks for making me smile tonight. And...I'm not sure that it is possible in the age of DIY to have a sane, sensible, well-calendared bride!


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