Monday, November 8, 2010

costa rica etsy sampler: nuestra luna de miel

Caribbean / Central America Travel JournalLife is better when you surf
Upcycled Coffee Burlap Sack TOTE BAG Reversible - Cafe De COSTA RICASurfer Contemplations 9x12
bird of paradise, costa rica. medium size. limited edition, archival quality photo print.Penny in the Fountain
Turquoise RingCOSTA RICA - Leather Travel Journal / Sketchbook - Handmade
{each photo links to its shop}

we're on honeymoon! at last. day two. más aventuras despues.


  1. love the sampler! i love that ring!

  2. Wedding rings signify care, sincerity and love between the couple. It is a symbol of promise and commitment which you make with your partner that you will be with her no matter what happens...cheer up!
    Wedding Rings

  3. I love that ring on the lower left! It does feel very Costa Rica-ish!

  4. gorgeous ideas! Etsy really helped in making our day extra special - check out the photos I posted today:

    Love from

  5. I love the sea colored ring and nicie nice layout.

  6. Pura Vida, I love my land in all its grandeur. Nice items love to have them to remind me of my country. thanks for sharing. I was not able to click to the shops, though.

  7. Hello! Love all your stuff. I am blogging about my wedding planning and love the creative themes and want to incorporate items that are DIY or purchased off Etsy. You have some great ideas and items!! Keep em coming!

  8. I love the coin necklace! The gradual increase in size of the coins down the necklace is what MAKES this piece for me! Beautiful!

    Jessica Speake


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