Thursday, February 17, 2011

we are today's wedding of the day on

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this crazy world. we had so much fun with our amazing photographers (max + margaret of unusually fine!), and they asked if they could submit our photos out to blogs before i posted them here, and ... of course!

and that's how we ended up as a wedding of the day on wild.

the gallery the editors put together lists just some of our amazing people and resources, which i plan to write about individually over the next few weeks -- it's hard to express just how thankful i am --

our wedding and everything you see in these photos is the combined effort of so many people -- painstaking and herculean labors, performed by joyous, patient, loving-beyond-words friends and family -- every photo from that day has a story, a labor, and love behind it, and i hope to tell you a few of them that do justice to the photos that max + margaret have made, also with love, by hand.

and -- max + margaret, you know how we feel. thank you.
more stories to come.


  1. How incredible for you! Congratulations! Heading for weddingchannel to check it out.

  2. Many many congratulations! Can't wait to go check out the photos!
    : )
    Emily Sterne Photography

  3. so, so perfect - congratulations - on your nuptials *and* a beautiful wedding!


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