Thursday, May 31, 2007

cedarstreetboutique: handmade quilts

double wedding ring handmade patchwork quilt

who doesn't love the feel of a handmade quilt? it's the perfect summerweight cover. plus they carry so much of the character of the person who made them -- a quilt is something you save and pass on, something crafted to last, the antithesis of disposable fashion.

while this is a very traditional quilt, the bright colors caught my eye... and then i fell in love with the shop description. the quilts are hand-sewn by mrs. freda in tennessee, who has been quilting for seven decades (!) and is about to celebrate her 85th birthday (!!), and she has an online store. the cuteness factor just about killed me.

just think! it's like having a spare grandma, or at least a crafty one -- mine would no more have quilted than thrown out a perfectly good manhattan. (bless her, my forebears never aspired to be goddesses at the domestic arts.) not sure if mrs. freda takes on custom requests, but you never know until you ask. i heart mrs. freda and her sweet quilts. more at


  1. I'm definitely going to check this out! Everyone can use an extra grandma...

  2. from mrs. freda herself:

    by cedarstreetboutique
    Thank you very much.I have received some wonderful compliments on my work, which is always nice. I have not sold a quilt, yet, but I am optimistic my luck will change. Thank you for your support.

    Best wishes,
    15 June 2007 11:05am EDT


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