Tuesday, June 26, 2007

weekly DBA: intimate moments

this week's david's bridal award: the intimate moments sheet cover

yes, it is what you think it is. "for love's messy moments."

a part of me thinks it not entirely a bad idea...
just... so... well... ...hmmph.
stumped what to say. another DBA for you.
(what's a DBA?)


  1. thats gross! no seriously, did you see the pattern on that sheet? it wouldnt go with anything in my room.


  2. is this serious? Can this be real? I guess sometimes a terry cloth towel just won't do?

  3. that's just exactly what the creator said! sometimes, a towel *just won't do.*

    i mean... it's not necessarily a gross or terrible idea... but...

    just cannot imagine showing up to a friend's house for the weekend with this in the overnight.

  4. o. m. g.

    i can't believe someone sells this.


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