Tuesday, August 28, 2007

lemonlovespaper: happy homemakers!

happy homemaking helps ACEO*

Vintage Cookware Mini Journal
vintage cookware mini journal

what is it about registering that brings out the "happy homemaker" in otherwise non-domestic sorts? my sister steadfastly refused all entreaties to yuppify her registry, which consists primarily of towels and power tools at sears.com. sadly, the realization dawned that while i'd never thought of myself as molly cooktop, suddenly she *NEEDED* an artisan stand kitchenaid mixer, and an oxo goodgrips pizza cutter, and a 12-cup coffeemaker (for when i visit, since she doesn't drink coffee for the love) and a ridiculous list of things to outfit the kitchen. not just bridesmaidzilla but the registry nazi. at least she cooks!

happily have returned to my pre-wedding anti-registry state, so the top ACEO* card isn't practical, but it made me laugh. something about that acid green color with the happy homemakers -- combine it with a happy vintage cookware mini journal and you've got yourself a cheeky gift.

or, even better for the bride-to-be:

blueprint mini journal

when planning, i found myself overwhelmed by scraps of paper with vital bits of info, by the dozen, and they all wanted to be in my purse at the same time. here's a pocket-sized mobile info center for all those notes to self. your blueprint for success, if you will.

no more bad puns. fun paper goods at lemonlovespaper.etsy.com, or check out megan's other store, lemonade.etsy.com, for more lovelies!

*Art Cards, Editions, and Originals -- essentially artist trading cards :)


  1. I didn't know megan had two stores! Thanks for introducing us to lemonlovespaper. Fabulous!

    Oh – and I have all the oxo goodgrips tools, and a 12-cup coffeemaker... but my *husband* registered for them!

    I would like the artisan stand Kitchenaid – I barely bake, but oh, pretty....

  2. i found you through offbeat bride and what a wonderful idea this blog is. i have been doing a lot of shopping for my wedding through etsy, but it has grown to be so big that its nice to find someone else sifting out the great wedding items!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me! :D

  4. file this one under *duh!*: i never connected the "megan" who's one of my three regular commenters (tee hee, thanks also helen and pinkmilk!) to the "megan" of lemonlovespaper, so i can honestly assure you that it was not friendly nepotism -- happened to see a click on the statcounter from lemonlovespaper, followed it, and loved what i found!

    why i didn't make the connection, though... can i still use my sister's wedding as an excuse? (i find myself "explaining" all sorts of erratic behavior from the last few weeks as... 'oh, sorry, my sister was getting married...' -- i guess the statute of limitations runs out on that one at some point ;)


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