Friday, August 24, 2007

retrospectivedesign: invite map

Custom Invitation Map and Directions
custom invitation map and directions

having labored over my sister's map for hours in illustrator, and yes, i know that makes me bridesmaidzilla -- my sister couldn't have cared less what font or colors were on her map (no!! must... match... invitation... aiiiiee) -- i can say as a professional that this map is a both a great deal and a great idea. retrospectivedesign keeps it simple, clean, legible, and (most important!) easy on the bride.

the pdf file is yours to print on whatever stock (vellum! papersource trip!) you please. my tip, having attempted to print and cut all 150 myself (hell, i have a giant papercutter, how hard can it be?) -- have them printed and cut by your local copy shop, the what, $10? will be money very well spent. of course you knew that, because you're not bridesmaidzilla. like me.

a good map is important. brings me to a somewhat related point: the road ahead. having gotten my sister successfully hitched, i am confronted by the fact that i quite enjoy blogging about wedding shops on etsy, but as an unmarried-yet-attached woman-over-thirty, there may be a sad pathos in my continuing to do so. bridesmaidzilla no longer: now sister-in-law-zilla, way more satisfying and *much* less work.

so what to do? keep the blog going because it's fun, even though my mother asks for the umpteenth... so... what's going on with you and M? offer it out in the etsy fora and have someone take over? make a final sweet hurrah of a post and call it a day? i just don't know -- hadn't exactly planned on becoming a wedding-shopping blogger :). what do you think?

enough about that. i promised photos of cone boobs, and since my camera remained behind to enjoy las vegas, am relying on family to post photos to our shared photo site online, and promise to get you all a good one.

yes, etsywedding: your source for all things cone-boob. for great maps and other custom items, see


  1. Keep going because it's fun! And because we love reading it!

    (Don't hand it over to someone else, that wouldn't be fun anymore...I like your writing.)

    You don't *have* to live what you write about, you know? You just have to write about it...


  2. God no, don't stop! Love your writing.

  3. Oh, I just found your blog, and you can't stop. It's so cool. And I'll need it one day for real ;)


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