Wednesday, October 3, 2007

back again!

apologies for the posting slowdown, all -- had a surprise visit from the queen mum, who arrived last wednesday and stayed through the weekend.

must share one jolly bit -- while getting dressed at 8am i heard her walk into my room saying "just am gonna ask you: when are you going to settle down, get married, and have babies??" to which i had to sit down and hold the sides of my head together (ha ha, ha) to keep it from splitting right in two. much madcap hilarity ensues, and i went to work entirely askew. later that evening, on further prodding, turns out she *actually* said "just so you know, i'm *not* gonna ask you when..." etc. babies etc. marriage. the first part was drowned out by the air-conditioner, OR SO SHE CLAIMS. crafty mum, she brought it up *without* bringing it up, in an attempt to spare me the stress of wondering when she was going to bring it up. she's a wily clever one. and she loves me just the way i am. :)

QM accompanied me somewhat hesitantly to crafty bastards here in dc, a marvelous time, and now she's safely returned to the far south and i am back in business!

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