Monday, October 29, 2007

studiometalsmith: custom rings

custom-made wedding bands

here are lovely simple sterling silver wedding bands, available in three different finishes (hammered, high-polish or satin) and in two different widths (both rings the same thickness or one thick/one thin as above). modern and without ostentation. the best part? the price is for *both* rings. crafted in san diego, also available in 18k gold. check out the other cool jewels as well at


you may have noticed, faithful reader, that i have shied away from the vast subject of bridal jewelry. mainly because i find it stupidly repetitive -- freshwater pearl, freshwater pearl, swarovski crystal, natch. white rice jewelry. but that's not helping you, now is it? so i pledge over the next few weeks to seek out something new and different in the bridal set department -- let me know if you have your own etsy favorites you'd like to nominate (send a note if you like) with my thanks!


  1. yay jewellry!!! i'm looking forward to it

  2. VintageFiligree has some beautiful and unique jewelry. I think I am going to have them custom design a piece for my wedding...and the prices are really great!

  3. Thank you for your post. I am having a baby, and my wedding rings are starting to be a little tight. I love the look of these bands to wear for a few months!


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