Saturday, November 3, 2007

foundling: poppy pins

Recycled Silky Poppy Pin--Ivory
recycled silky poppy pin in ivory

wow. i *love* this shop! came across foundling while looking at vendors for the handmade market in raleigh (took place today), which i applied to but didn't get in (no sour grapes!) -- everyone's stuff is so inspiring!

betsy of foundling makes treasures from vintage + repurposed/recycled materials, a pastime very close to my heart -- the poppy pins above come in a glorious range of colors (love the idea of a red one on the big white dress, or red bobby pin poppies in the hair). (or one at the waist to jazz up plain bridesmaid dresses.) plus there's beautiful delicate resin jewelry using vintage papers and maps. so, so lovely. le sigh. wish i could have seen them in person today!

more at or check out

Recycled Poppy Bobbypin--Redcoastline posts
circa necklacemoonlight earrings
aegean earringsRecycled Saffron Poppy Pin


  1. Love these -- in fact, bought some of her ivory poppy pins for my wedding next year. So darling.

  2. you're right on my line of thought. last saturday i "Dressed my Wedding" (not yet engaged, hehe?) on t he David's Bridal website. i want flowers in everyone's hair, but couldn't think of a non-tacky way to do it(the flowers they have are kind of... big). then i remembered seeing these poppies, and they're SO perfect! i hope that she makes them in aqua!


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