Tuesday, November 6, 2007

bombalurina+enso: jewels

perfect storm earrings: kyanite and sterling

bombalurina is my first of a series of jewelry highlights, not just because she makes *gorgeous* things -- she's also a two-for-one, with complementary etsy stores divided into "more is more" and "less is more" aesthetics.

bombalurina features funky, colorful, often ornate costume jewels with sass. those pictured below are some of the more conservative pieces:
To Bring You My Love - gold filled necklace brass sparrow green amethystFever or a flame - carnelian, lemon quatz and sterling earrings - bomba-luxe
Tria earrings - vintage glass and sterlingDragonfly Dreams earrings - brass goldfill and prasiolite

her "modernist alter ego" store enso is stripped-down simplicity, slightly more luxe, still with an eye for color:
AAA rutilated quartz and sterling silver beadwoven necklace - silk and sterlingCrystal Honey bracelet - citrine and gold filled vermeil clasp
Bayou Ring - prehnite and sterlingMoon Ladder earrings - sterling and lemon quartz

more at bombalurina.etsy.com and enso.etsy.com

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  1. thank you so much for this little featurette - just found it! I'm going to be doing more bridal for both lines - what funny synergy that you wrote about this.


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