Friday, January 4, 2008

moop: great bags

market bag in grey corduroy

this is tangential, ladies, bear with me: i LOVE this bag.
i love it so much i couldn't decide whether to get it in sage canvas,
or grey fine-wale corduroy... summer? winter? summer?...
then wendy of moop began making it in a phenomenal brick orangey-red.

The market bag in two shades of burnt redThe Market Bag In Gray Corduroy
oh, yes. yes please. so much temptation in the world!

my new burnt-red *arrived* today, and it is everything i hoped. a much subtler color than the photos suggest. and as with the umbrellas, it is mind-blowing to me that someone knows how to make this from scratch, by hand. i love it.

how do these bags relate to weddings, you ask? well... ok, they don't.
although some women use them as hip diaper bags, but that's a totally different blog. speaking of, the moopshop blog is pretty darn cool as well. like figsandginger, here's a creative partnership that works and is worth celebrating. viva la moop!

The Fraulein Tote in SageA Messenger for boys and girls in Sage
The market bag in two shades of sageThe Market Bag In Brown Corduroy
more at


  1. Cute bags! Don't count them out for being wedding related, us brides need bridesmaid gift ideas! : )

  2. I saw her featured on etsy before Christmas and had to not buy one for myself in with my Christmas shopping. Fab.

  3. i just have to say... i *still* want the sage one too. a spring moop... to go with my fall moop. oh, the excess.


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