Wednesday, January 23, 2008

palomasnest: ceramics

CUSTOM tiny white ceramic text bowl
custom tiny white ceramic text bowl

paloma means 'dove' in spanish, and i love the white on white simplicity of caroline's etsy shop -- the handstamped, customizable teensy (3") bowls with your saying of choice would be sweet, quirky wedding favors or bridal party gifts. suggested use: on a dresser or desk, "to catch jewelry and all of life's little treasures." or, my stepmom used to have a little bowl by the kitchen sink where she put her rings when she washed up.

(you may have noticed by now that i *love* hand stamped, customizable things, whether jewelry or gifts -- partly because it enables you to give such a personal message writ permanent. and i like the imperfect, jumbled aesthetic, the distinct signs of human manufacture, more than the 'things-remembered' professionally engraved look. just me!)

the shop's lovely 'craft peace' theme is in keeping with the dove motif, which makes a frequent appearance on the ceramics themselves. there are larger bowls, plus an intriguing set of balsa-wood invitation/thank you cards (noted on the UK's bridalwave), and you can customize/order in multiples. final plug: made with heart in austin, texas -- one of my hometowns. more at

I LOVE YOU balsa wood stationery set MAKE LOVE heart shaped tiny text bowl
I LOVE YOU white ceramic tiny text bowl FLY large stamped ceramic text bowl
CRAFT PEACE dove tiny text bowl Who What Where When Why the five Ws blank invitation set


  1. Coo1, I was hoping you'd post about these. Wouldn't these be a great way to propose to your sweetheart?

  2. Such sweet little bowls. Great items from my fellow Texan.

  3. now i see i was *completely* late to the paloma's nest party -- on brooklynbride as well as a number of other fabulous blogs... all kudos deserved!!

  4. Paloma just added a "Will you marry me?" bowl yesterday:


  5. Hi All!
    The "Will you marry me?" box set has been a huge hit on the first day in my shop- if it is sold out when you get there, please contact me...I am busy making more!!
    Also coming soon, just in time for wedding season- ring bearer bowls! Tiny text bowls with the addition of a wire loop to attach your wedding rings they don't fall out when your little man (the ring bearer, not your fiance) carries them down the aisle!
    Come visit ths shop soon!
    Paloma's Nest


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