Tuesday, February 5, 2008

earmark: fiesta invitations

{fiesta party invitations -- set of ten}

en honor de mi viaje a méxico, which i *wish* was not over (ojalá otra vez, algún día?), le presento estas invitaciónes -- ¡son preciosas!

earmark tiene otras cosas lindas -- super adorable, even -- and they are happy to customize anything and everything for you. not so sure of the spanish word for "customize." (online dictionary says modifique para requisitos particulares, hoo!)

in any language, great invites, and they will even customize a single card if you want something super personal.

Better Together MAGNET set of 4Poppy Invitations 25
Caliente Set of 10 La Fleur Personalized cards
Crest MarriageMondo Large Journal - NOW WITH MORE PAGES

more san diego love at earmark.etsy.com, or check out earmarkinvitations.com


  1. I love the "better together" ones.

    Hahaha at first I thought it said "Congratulations on your marriage....may you always have one."

  2. thank you so much for including earmark in this fantastic blog! I have hearted almost every item on your blog! I love your spanish write up!!


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