Wednesday, January 28, 2009

englishdept: more pdx dream gear

Antique ivory silk taffeta ruffle bolero
{ antique ivory silk taffeta ruffle bolero }

ohhh. yes please. until etsy, i never knew i was such a secret girly-girl. (not-so-secret now! wedding blog, natch.)

englishdept is the etsy shop of elizabeth dye, owner/designer of real life brick-and-mortar store the english dept. in portland oregon. the bolero above is handmade and can be ordered in custom sizes, and her other few pieces on etsy are sublime.

was going to end there, but seriously: the one-of-a-kind ivory beaded cashmere bridal shrug below, fashioned from a vintage sweater, is an amazing winter piece.

Ivory beaded cashmere bridal shrugHandknit ivory wool shrug with beaded detail
Oyster silk taffeta ruffle shrugCloud Nine silk organza ruffle jacket
go now, and compliment this woman!
more at


  1. Okay those are quite lovely! I'm so glad I found your blog!

  2. Oh, I just saw this shop featured on another blog as well! The silk organza ruffle bolero is PRECIOUS!

  3. Just wanted to invite you to participate in the giveaway on my blog.. Winner gets 30 cards!

    Thank you :)

  4. i looooooveeeee it!

    im glad i found your blog too... i had heard of etsy and visited the site once briefly.... as someone who is looking to sell handmade things int he future, im gonna have to check it out even more.


  5. oh wow. This collection of photos is so well put together. I almost want a print of it to frame!

    Lovely work,


  6. These are GORGEOUS!!!
    I guess I will wear white!
    Thanks for posting such great pieces!!! :)

  7. what a pretty model.


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